Tax evasion: UK is targeting offshore accounts

08 February, 2008 22:38  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Threat of reality? According to the UK Daily Telegraph, Inland Revenue is carrying out a crackdown on people evading UK income tax by using offshore bank accounts, i.e. using their credit card to pay for living expenses in the UK.

The American Internal Revenue Service (IRS) carried out its own review on tax evasion through offshore accounts in 2002. Under the IRS rules, American taxpayers are liable for US tax wherever their income is generated. The rules is slightly different in the UK where the ordinary resident is only taxable on its income generated or spent in the UK (that is likely to change next April). (More)


Caucuses: SUPER TUESDAY tonight in the US

05 February, 2008 17:48  EasyExpat EasyExpat

The way of choosing the candidate for each party is rather complicated in America, even for insiders.

In the year of the presidential election (hold in November), political parties conduct national conventions to choose their candidate. During those conventions (summer preceding the election), delegates at the party convention choose the candidate.

Those delegates are selected at the state level according to rules determined by each political party (for example, this time, the Democrats - under the reform of Howard Dean - have decided to run a proportional vote everywhere, where each candidate is awarded a number of delegates in proportion to their support in the state caucuses or the number of primary votes they won). There are two types of primaries, closed and open. In a closed primary, voters may vote only in the primary of the political party in which they registered (i.e. a voter who registered as a Republican can only vote in the Republican primary). Most states hold closed primaries.

The caucuses are political meeting where  the voters of the party (selected by the primary election) select the delegates who will be voting for the presidential candidate of the party at the convention.

So as a summary: American voters SELECT registered supporters for the Party at the state level who SELECT delegates who will go to the national convention to SELECT the presidential candidate of the party.

Super Tuesday refers to the Tuesday (usually early February or March) where most of the states will hold caucuses (24 states will be voting today - the largest super Tuesday to date).

In order to follow closely the election and the selection process in the US, we recommend reading the blog:

And for a more relaxed way to approach the (s)election day, here is the Seesmic video about Caucuses:

UPDATE: London "Caucus" - Porchester Hall, Bayswater

Democrats abroad count as America's 51st state at the Democrat Convention in Boston in July and bring with them 9 valid votes for the potential presidential candidates. They may have been thousands of miles away from home, but their votes, and those of other ex-pats living abroad, carry the same weight as half of Alaska and Wyoming according to the party's rules.

Today, Tuesday the 5th, Democrats Abroad organised a Caucus in London (US citizens were also able to vote by mail or on the Internet - There's a caucus in Oxford the next day, February 6, from 1:00 - 5:30 p.m. at the Rothermore American Institute). Good ambiance, "supporter cookies", drinks and T-Shirts available. Personal feeling: a lot of Obama supporters.

Here are some photos:

US Super Tuesday 5th Feb 2008 - London, Porchester Hall US Super Tuesday 5th Feb 2008 - London, Porchester Hall US Super Tuesday 5th Feb 2008 - London, Porchester Hall US Super Tuesday 5th Feb 2008 - London, Porchester Hall US Super Tuesday 5th Feb 2008 - London, Porchester Hall US Super Tuesday 5th Feb 2008 - London, Porchester Hall US Super Tuesday 5th Feb 2008 - London, Porchester Hall 

Do you have other photos from other cities where they held some Caucus abroad? Please send some to easyexpat _at_ and we will publish them. 


Job offer on EasyExpat: EDITOR new cities

26 January, 2008 00:54  EasyExpat EasyExpat

We are currently looking for people willing to write information on new cities to be displayed on the website. (More)


Eventually UK is adapting its rules for hand baggages to match the rest of the world

11 January, 2008 20:30  EasyExpat EasyExpat

We were talking about the rules put in place for air travelling in Europe after the terrorist attempt in Heathrow airport 2 years ago and the paranoid feeling that was spread in England on the behalf of the feel scared factor "feel good factor". There was specific rules applying to passengers departing (the official rules say also entering... but my own experience showed me even travelling with a full bottle of water in my 2 hand luggage from Dubai to Gatwick airport) from UK airports (because everybody knows that terrorists won't be using any other airports) such as only allowed to carry ONE item of hand baggage, smaller than the normal European regulation. (More)


Immigration: how to become Australian

28 December, 2007 04:33  EasyExpat EasyExpat

AustraliaAustralia is a nation of immigrants. 45% of Australians were born abroad or have one of their parent born abroad. From the 21 millions of inhabitants in the country today, 6.6 millions had arrived since October 1945, coming from 200 different countries, amongst them 10% from humanetarian programmes. In the period 2001-2006 755,000 immigrants arrived. And Australia will have added more than 150,000 in 2007.

Each year, the Australian government gives an immigration target, depending to the need in work force, without discrimination. In 2007, the country will have welcomed 102,000 immigrant workers with their family, 13,000 refugees and about 20,000 for family reunion.

Candidates to immigrate fill their demand on the Internet and calculate their points: they need 100 points to get a 3 year work visa.If the candidate is fluent in English 25 points; between 30 and 34 year old: 25 points; he is doctor (they lack them): 60 points; he's ok to work in the countrysideC 20 points ...
In order to become Australian you'll ned to pas a test of citizenship that requires to read a small book "Life in Australia" (similar to the test you have to pas to become British: all answers are in the book).

The day you become Australian, a ceremony takes place in the town hall. You will get an envelope with a little flag, two forms of the bending (choice between: in front of God, or to the nation), and the text of the national anthem that will be sang at the end. In addition each new citizen receive a certificate of nationality and get his/her photo taken with it.

Source: Le Monde, 29th November 2007


Tag Cloud

03 December, 2007 00:43  EasyExpat EasyExpat

In order to generate a tag-cloud (or weighted list) on your blog, use the TagCloud template in the Control Center of your Admin interface.

This plugin generate TagCloud for a specific Blog, just add the following code to your template:

{ $tagcloud->getTagCloud()}

See Readme for example usage.


New functionalities for our blogging interface

27 November, 2007 04:06  EasyExpat EasyExpat

We have improved our blog service by upgrading to the latest version of LifeType, the blogging interface we are offering for free. (More)


Non-domiciled: our worst non-UK domiciliaries tax nightmare is happening

25 October, 2007 18:28  EasyExpat EasyExpat

British Tax - Inlande RevenueIn April 2007, non domiciled residents had a warning: filling in a self-assessment tax return they were, for the first time, asked to declare on what date they changed their domicile. They will also have to confirm if they have ever been domiciled in the UK as well as stating the date on which they came to live in the UK.

Following the proposal of the Conservative Party to tax non-domiciled residents, saying they would levy a fixed £25,000 annual charge on anyone claiming non-domicile status, the Labour government had been under pressure to bring in new legislation. (More)


Allow comments on your blog

15 June, 2007 17:59  EasyExpat EasyExpat

You can always allow automatically comments on the blog by logging into the Admin area ->Control Center->Blog setting and change it to put:

Enable comments for all posts by default. Comments can still be enabled/disabled for certain posts when creating new posts or editing old ones.
Notification of new comments.
Or you can do that on each article you put on your blog by editing the article and looking at the right hand side column where you can allow column and get notifications so you know when new colums have been posted.
I remind you also that in order to prevent spams, you can read:
If you receive spams, you can always untick Enable comments in your articles at a later stage, and spammers won't be able to post new comments anymore. This is a very strong method, and instead you may prefer to Moderate the comments, so displaying only comments that you validate before.


EasyExpat on

06 May, 2007 01:00  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Couleur France - Web radio des français de l'étrangerCouleur France is a web radio, in French, for French people living abroad. You can listen to its programmes on the Internet 24 hours a day.

On the 9th of May, you will be listening a short interview on Easy Expat.

You can listen (in French!) to my performance ;-) directly below:


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