How to administrate your blog

17 September, 2006 20:40  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Some templates do not show specifically an admin link to administrate your blog.

However it is very simple:

- you can access the admin login page with the address: http://<blogname>

- or you can use the login box available on the right hand side column of the main page:

In the admin area, you will be able to post new messages, edit your messages, post photos, manage your categories, your user informations...etc.


Voice of a City

11 July, 2006 16:22  EasyExpat EasyExpat

A short message to talk about a new initiative in association with Eurostar: the website Voice of a City.

See below the announcement:

Voice of a City"voice of a city's blog" : A thrilling and genuine way to tell the frenchies all about the londonian way of life.

Apply for the job now to become one of the privileged and lucky spokesman of the city.

London is unrepeatable and there’s so much to teach the french people about it but only a few people know about it.
Listening to passionate citizens of London is without a doubt the best way to give them the desire to travel abroad and so is ‘voice of a city’.
It is becoming a concrete and achieved website thanks to the support of the one specialist of the Paris-London route that is Eurostar. (More)


More Tax for Americans Abroad

29 June, 2006 23:33  EasyExpat EasyExpat

The new "Tax Cut Package" from George W Bush looks actually like a tax increase for American expatriates. As expressed by the IHT actually, those expected to feel the most pain are expatriate workers who earn comfortable, but not lavish, livings and semi- retired workers earning some foreign income while drawing U.S. Social Security, pensions and other income from U.S. sources. Many of these expatriates will be pushed into higher U.S. brackets, as will employees and independent professionals in no-tax and low-tax areas like much of the Middle East, some Caribbean nations and Hong Kong.

The foreign-earned income exclusion is expected to be lifted to $82,400 in the new law and indexed to US inflation after 2008. However there are some new legislation proposed by a Republican Senator hoping to ease expat income tax and eliminate the cap on income that Americans working abroad can earn without having to pay both local and U.S. taxes on it, a change meant to bring the U.S. system in line with those of other industrialized countries.

On the other hand, the new law cap the exclusion for housing allowances (rent, utilities, insurance ...). It is currently calculated as 30% of the foreign-earned income exclusion, minus the 16% that would be paid in the US. With the new law it is more or less eliminated. (More)


Easy Expat Dinner in Dubai - 2nd June 2006

12 June, 2006 19:08  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Easy Expat Dinner in DubaiA dinner was organised by San in Dubai at the The Noodle House (Souk Madinat Jumeirah), on the 2nd June.

According to San's report, the evening was a success: good ambiance, and interesting conversations (despite the absence of Benoit ...who forgot to come apparently ;-): life in Dubai of course, the quality of life abroad (in other cities like Paris, Geneva or Montreal), but also football (no way to escape with the worldcup).

The menu was Peking duck and Phad Thai, while people came from Tunisia, Canada, Switzerland ... and of course France for most of them!

A definite must do it again!

You can see all the photos of the dinner in the Album section.


How to prevent spams on Blogexpat

25 May, 2006 15:15  EasyExpat EasyExpat

If you're a blogger (or a blog reader), you're painfully familiar with people who try to raise their own websites' search engine rankings by submitting linked blog comments like "Visit my discount pharmaceuticals site." or typical Viagra or Poker stuff. This is called comment spam.  (More)


Add Translation to your blog

18 March, 2006 16:25  EasyExpat EasyExpat

How to make foreign visitors love your website even if they don't understand your language ? Add Language Translation to your blogs.

This is a simple Step by step guide to provide instant language translation in your blog. Your site visitors can translate any webpage by clicking on the corresponding country flag and read your website in their native language.

Machine translation in blogs or websites is probably the easiest way of helping readers from different countries communicate. Even if a blogger writes in Spanish and a reader speaks English, or vice versa, both of them can still understand each other.

Today, people are blogging in multiple languages to create a conversation with readers outside the English Speaking blogosphere. Free language translation tools let bloggers post messages simultaneously in English, German, French, Spanish and other languages. (More)


Easy Expat on

07 March, 2006 23:58  EasyExpat EasyExpat Do you know That's a worldwide Internet (maybe soon FM too) radio station exclusively for expats. Wherever you are, you can easily listen to the expatsradio programmes, just by clicking on Listen Now and then choosing the day you want to listen to.

Well, it's talking (in English) about France as the main topic currently, but you will have soon a lot of other countries (Spain, ...) where expats are living added. Nice news isn't it? Even better, you will be able to hear something about Easy Expat on the radio. Well, it's talking a bit about me (as the founder) but I tried to keep it short so it's not too borring (with my poor delicious French accent ;-) and then I moved to talk about Easy Expat, and a presentation of the website, why we focus on cities (instead of countries), and all the other services that Easy Expat is offering (for free!) including a blog platform. (More)


How to post a podcast

02 March, 2006 02:59  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Podcast - or videocast - are the two new great features in the blog area. The first one allows to put some audio file on your blog (as we did here) and the second one is showing videos on blogs (using for example

But how to post a podcast on your BlogExpat ?

1) upload the mp3 file via the resource center
2) create a new post
3) type the contents of the post and include a link to your mp3 file. Please use the "add resource" link.
4) Now the podcast is ready. Take a look at the RSS 2.0 feed for your blog and you'll see an <enclosure ...> tag pointing to your mp3 file. (More)


How to reference your blog

04 November, 2005 00:40  EasyExpat EasyExpat

GoogleYou like to publish articles on your blog... but you like also people to read them. Therefore you will probably look for enhancing your position in search engines, so people can browse your blog. (More)


Easy Expat event on the 20th October: success!

28 October, 2005 14:16  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Thanks a lot to everyone who came to the party in London On the 20th October 2005. It was a great success with more than 60 people joining.

A lot of French people (as always in London) with some Italian, Spanish, Polish...etc. We met also the Marche a Londres team, a new French magazine published in London.

You will find more photos in our album.


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