Festivals in Europe this October

24 September, 2008 22:05  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Autumn Festival, Normandy, France
19th October – 30th November
The Autumn Festival in Normandy features top productions in theatre, dance and music. It presents 60 performances in cities including Dieppe, Rouen and Le Havre, as well as smaller towns like Le Grand-Quevilly and Montivilliers. Highlights of this year's event include homage to all things Argentinean with a carte blanche to Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus.

Eurochocolate, Perugia, Italy
18th - 26th October
If you’re a chocolate lover, this is the place to be. This is Europe’s most popular chocolate festival and has made Perugia the chocolate capital of Europe. For nine days, this town transforms itself into a huge open-air pastry-shop dedicated to chocolate lovers from all over. But not only do you get to indulge in chocolate, you’ll also learn everything there is to know about the "food of the gods". Give in to your sweet tooth, head for the Eurochocolate. (More)


Cervantes Institute – Espanola anybody?

17 September, 2008 14:26  EasyExpat EasyExpat

In this week’s article, the spotlight is on the Cervantes Institute. Established in 1991, the Cervantes Institute is a non-profit organization created by the Spanish government to spread Spanish language and culture to the rest of the world. Named after Miguel de Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote and seen as one of the most noteworthy figures in Spanish literature, this institution has earned itself an excellent reputation. In 2005, along with the Societe Dante Alighieri, the British Council, the Goethe Institute, the Alliance Francaise and the Instituto Camões, the Cervantes Institute was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for outstanding achievements in communications and the humanities. Modeled on the principles of the Goethe Institute, it is now the largest organization in the world responsible for promoting the Spanish language and culture. With over 54 centres in over 20 countries, it’s easy to see why. (More)


Goethe Institut – promoting German language and culture

04 September, 2008 04:25  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Since most readers of easyexpat.com are generally globe trotters who call many countries home, we’ve decided to do a series on various prominent institutions that bring their country’s culture to the world. Today’s article focuses on the Goethe Institut.

Established in 1951, the Goethe Insitut is a German non-profit organization set up mainly to promote the German language and culture outside German-speaking countries. It was set up initially to provide training for foreign German teachers in Germany but it has now grown into a worldwide institution with over 3300 employees and approximately 278 million euros at its disposal. (More)


Festivals in Europe this September

26 August, 2008 17:53  EasyExpat EasyExpat

From music to fashion, yachts to seafood, there are loads of festivals happening all across Europe. Here are some of the top ones to watch out for.

Edinburgh International Festival, Scotland
8th – 31st August

Concerts, opera, theatre, ballet, dance, orchestra – the world-renown Edinburgh Festival has it all. Performances take place in six major concert halls and theatres and a number of smaller venues as well. The best occasion to savour the classics. (More)


Free Independent Wealth Management seminars for foreign nationals

20 August, 2008 19:29  EasyExpat EasyExpat

HSBC offers a series of free Independent Wealth Management seminars for foreign nationals.
The next seminar presented by HSBC International Financial Advisers (UK) Limited (HSBC International) is in London on 17 September 2008 and will cover international tax and financial planning.

HSBC IWM Seminar - London 17th Sept 2008Are you a foreign national living and working in London? If so, there is every chance that you could enjoy a number of tax advantages that this status offers. But where can you get reliable advice and guidance on effective financial planning? This is where one of HSBC International’s free seminars could help you. Seminar details are given below.

The seminar, entitled ‘International tax and financial planning for foreign nationals’, will cover a wide range of topics that could be of benefit to anyone living and working abroad. In particular, how you can benefit from our independent financial planning advisory service. (More)


Different legislation in Europe for immigrants

19 August, 2008 20:20  EasyExpat EasyExpat

As there are more voice in Europe calling for unifying rules for immigrant workers, we present an overview of the situation in some countries:

United Kingdom: 509,800 legal immigrants in 2006

  • No quota
  • No necessity of a contract for integration
  • Family regrouping
  • Necessity of a work contract (with point system)
  • Language test
France: 135,100
  • No quota
  • Family regrouping (with conditions)
  • Necessity of a contract for integration
  • Necessity of a work contract (with a list of priority sectors)
  • Language test

Spain: 803,000 (the government has proceeded to a large legalisation)

  • No quota
  • Family regrouping (with conditions after 1 year)
  • Necessity of a contract for integration

Belgium: 83,400

  • No quota
  • No necessity of a contract for integration
  • Family regrouping (with conditions of income)

Netherlands: 67,700

  • No quota
  • No necessity of a contract for integration
  • Family regrouping (limited to the work contract duration)
  • Language test

Denmark: 23,000

  • No quota
  • No necessity of a contract for integration
  • Family regrouping

Germany: 558,500

  • No quota
  • No neccessity of a contract for integration
  • Language test
  • Family regrouping (for contracts more than 1 year)

Italy: 181,500

  • No necessity of a contract for integration
  • Quota
  • Family regrouping (with conditions)
  • Necessity of a work contract (with conditions of income)

Source: Le Monde 8/07/08 (More)


Largest ever survey of expats - Final results

05 August, 2008 23:05  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Four months ago, we talked about HSBC's project to conduct the largest ever survey of expats. The project aimed to give more than 2000 expats across four continents the opportunity to have their say on what life is really like for people living and working away from home, looking at opportunities that come with starting a new life in a foreign country away from home, and the challenges and difficulties that they may face at home and at work.

EasyExpat gave echo to this project, and therefore is today able to have access to the final results.

The survey revealed that Singapore, the UAE and the US are the best locations to be an expat, according to findings of its Expat Explorer survey, the largest international survey of expats ever conducted. (More)


Top Summer Festivals in Europe this August

28 July, 2008 23:38  EasyExpat EasyExpat

It’s summer, it’s sizzling and it’s time to party. What better way than with some of the hippest, funkiest parties and festivals all over Europe this August.

Aste Nagusia (Semana Grande)
10th – 17 August (dates to be confirmed)

This party offers visitors nine days and nights of non-stop entertainment. Semana Grande boasts of a week of varied events. From bull fights to fireworks competitions, music concerts to street entertainment, beauty pageants to theatre shows, sporting events to regatta, there’s something for everyone. (More)


Smoking bans- no butts about it

09 July, 2008 19:23  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Smoking bans seem to be all the rage with governments these days. A rash of bans have sprouted especially in Europe in recent years. A number of countries have joined the non-smoking wagon and a number of others are scrambling for their turn to join in.

Different countries have implemented the ban to different degrees. Some countries like Albania, Ireland, Cyprus, England, Iceland, Estonia, Finland, Scotland and recently Netherlands and France have opted to go completely smoke-free and ban smoking in all work places and public buildings including restaurants and cafes. Some countries have chosen to tread a bit more lightly. Austria for example bans smoking in public buildings open to children and young people but does not include work places. Others like Germany agreed to ban smoking in restaurants and pubs but will allow exemptions for small bars and premises with separate smoking rooms. Spain, Slovakia and Slovenia have allowed smoking in separate zones in pubs and restaurants. Switzerland imposes partial restriction on indoor workplaces and Luxembourg imposes a total ban on advertising and sponsoring smoking and a partial ban on smoking in public places.

The list is not limited to Europe alone. In recent years, many countries around the world including Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Singapore and a number of states in the Untied States have banned smoking in public areas. From the above, it’s clear the world wants to go smoke-free. Below are some key effects of such a move. (More)


Top European Festivals this July

27 June, 2008 17:31  EasyExpat EasyExpat

The sun is shining, the hem lines have risen, the beaches are packed and the holidays have begun. Summer is here and there are loads of festivals happening all across Europe. Here are some of the famous ones.  

Barcelona Summer Festival
1st June – 30th August

Popularly known as the Grec, this festival takes place in a Greek-styled amphitheatre near Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium. It is one of the most famous art festivals in the world. It hosts well-acclaimed dance, theatre and music performances ranging from contemporary music and performance arts to classical and traditional acts. Popular among local and international visitors. (More)


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