June: End of the paper airline ticket, welcome to electronic boarding pass for everybody

09 June, 2008 20:55  EasyExpat EasyExpat

As of June 1, IATA (International Air Transport Association) will no longer supply paper ticket stock to 60,000 travel agencies in 125 countries around the world. OK, most of you frequent traveller think already that paper airline tickets are past (for example, British Airways issued 790,000 airline tickets in March, of which 8,000 were paper), but in many other countries it is quite frequent, especially for long distance including different itinary and flights. Now the rules will be that you can just register with your passport (registration number might be requested, but not necessary).

In the urge of reducing costs everywhere, from baggage allowance to food on board, the elimination of paper airline tickets stands to reduce airline costs by as much as €2 billion worldwide and cut the cost of issuing a ticket from €6 to less than €1, according to Bryan Wilson of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Whereas in June 2004, only 18% of tickets issued were e-tickets, by the end of March2008, the number had risen to 94%. (More)


Top Spring Festivals in Europe this June

02 June, 2008 16:23  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Spring is in full bloom and summer holidays are just around the corner. For those of you who are looking out for fun ways to spend this June, here are a couple of my favourite festivals all over Europe.

International Festival of Music and Dance, Granada, Spain
20th June – 6th July

Set against the jaw-dropping architecture of the Alhambara, the international festival of Music and Dance is a must visit for anyone who loves music with a generous helping of exquisite architecture. The city of Granada comes alive during the festival and the streets are filled with guitarists, Flamenco dancers and music lovers from around the world. Music ranges from the classical to world music. Definitely worth a visit. (More)


Easy Expat on French TV - Direct8: Facile, la vie

23 May, 2008 00:09  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Easy Expat was today on French TV (Direct8) a couple of minutes in the show Facile, la vie.


Mobile careers are going places

21 May, 2008 00:17  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Today’s increasingly mobile world has resulted in a growing need for mobile careers. People demand more flexibility and want to work at their own time, in their own space - this could be at home or by the beach. People also want to maximize time with family, beat traffic and travel. More and more people find themselves moving across countries and finding temporary homes in different parts of the world. Never before has the world been so small or flat. And never before has there been so much opportunity to pursue a career without having to be present at your office. All this combined with managers looking for high quality final output without concerning themselves with details like where and when the work was done make mobile careers an extremely interesting option for many. (More)


Frequent Traveler: flying to the UK or how to avoid new T5 at Heathrow

14 May, 2008 23:02  EasyExpat EasyExpat

If you ask frequent travellers going to or departing from London what is their biggest advice, they will often answer: avoid Heathrow. The UK main hub, one of the busiest airport in the world, has had a long reputation for its problems, delays, congestion, baggage lost and unfriendly for most passengers. However a big hope was lifted a few month ago by the opening of the new Terminal 5 on March, 27, dedicated to British Airways sole occupier of the new building. The result was a shameful fiasco with tens of thousands of baggage lost and the nightmare for travellers lasting days as BA and the airport owner BAA were trying to restablish the situation. (More)


British Expats - Documentary for Brits living abroad: No Place Like Home, ITV1

07 May, 2008 17:46  EasyExpat EasyExpat

ITV1 - No Place Like Home ITV1 is currently working on the Second Series of "No Place Like Home", a documentary looking at British Expats who are thinking about returning home. It's a straightforward, feel-good programme, simply investigating the dilemma that many expats face, and will hopefully be of help to anyone who is considering going back to the UK.

They are looking to start filming in June and the show will be on air in November 2008 on ITV.



Fever Media, the company in charge of the programme, has sent us this announcement: 

ITV1 Banner - No Place Like Home Programme




If the answer is YES to any of these questions then we want you!

We are making a documentary series about expats called ‘No Place Like Home?’  We are keen to hear from British families who are living abroad, but are now thinking about returning permanently to Britain.

Perhaps you miss your family and friends, or could you be longing for the simple things? The sense of humour, the warm beer & the proper cuppa!

BUT...You're also concerned that you might regret leaving all the good things about living abroad if you do go back to the UK.

We are offering you the opportunity to explore the reality of coming home by flying you back to the UK to ‘test-drive’ life in Britain.

This fact-finding visit will give you the opportunity to see loved ones but also equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision about whether to remain an expat or return to the UK for good.

Catherine Gee - ITV1 - No Place Like HomeYou’ll be flown back to the UK and given the opportunity to ‘test-drive’ the reality of living in the UK.

Relocation expert Catherine Gee will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about whether to remain an expat or come home for good.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please contact Kaaj Mehta as soon as possible by email: kaajal.mehta @fevermedia.co.uk
Or call +44 (0) 207 428 5755


Survival Tips for the Expat Spouse

06 May, 2008 19:16  EasyExpat EasyExpat

You’ve moved into your new house, gone shopping, explored the town center, visited the library, marveled at the architecture and then that nagging question looms up again, “What do I do now?” You’re friendless, jobless, clueless. But not to worry, things aren’t that hopeless. Here’s what you can do to keep your sanity and maybe even your career on the right track!

Start with the language: You’ll feel extremely proud of yourself in your first week in your new home country. This might have something to do with the fact that you can utter your own version of ‘good morning’ and ‘thank you’ in the local language. Unfortunately there’s more to it than those two precious words. If you plan to stay in your new country for more than a year, join a language course. The sooner you learn the language, the faster you get on with life. Most companies sponsor private courses for expatriate spouses. This however depends on the contract, company and the country you’re living in. If it’s not part of the deal, check your options on the internet. Most language schools tend to be in centrally located areas. Take a stroll in the city centre and you’re bound to stumble upon one of them. (More)


Boom time for jobs in India

30 April, 2008 05:28  EasyExpat EasyExpat

India is booming. With a rapidly developing economy, the country is attracting both foreign capital and talent with equal ease. With a GDP of approximately 8.5% growth this year, India offers an optimism only few others can match. This has led to a profusion of jobs at all levels in a variety of sectors. It is estimated that this year alone, India will create about 1025000 new jobs, an impressive figure that’s only marginally lower than the previous year. And here’s the best news… the growth is not concentrated in just one area but has had a spill-over effect into a range of different sectors. Let’s take a deeper look at the hottest sectors in one of the hottest economies today. (More)


Beer Festivals in Germany

23 April, 2008 06:40  EasyExpat EasyExpat

www.germanymunich.com: Oktoberfest Germany has long been a shrine for beer lovers from around the world. Two of the biggest and most popular beer festivals in the world take place in Germany. The most popular is Munich’s world renowned Oktoberfest which strangely enough takes place in September. The second most famous beer festival is the Stuttgart Beer Festival. There are officially two Stuttgart festivals, one in spring and one in autumn. And here’s the good news – the Stuttgart Spring Festival is just around the corner. Let’s take a look at these three big and happening places to be if you enjoy guzzling gallons of your favourite brew. (More)


Global Survey of Expats

10 April, 2008 23:45  EasyExpat EasyExpat

HSBCHSBC Bank International today unveils an ambitious project to conduct the largest ever survey of expats.

The project aims to give more than 2000 expats across four continents the opportunity to have their say on what life is really like for people living and working away from home. The survey will look at opportunities that come with starting a new life in a foreign country away from home, and the challenges and difficulties that they may face at home and at work.

The survey will also reveal how new technology helps expats start their new lives and manage their professional and social affairs. It will also find out how expatriate children’s lives differ from the lives of the friends they leave behind.

Paul Say, Head of Marketing and Communications at HSBC Bank International, said: “Living in foreign countries means expats often don't have the normal outlets to express their point of view about their unique lifestyle.  This project aims to gather these viewpoints and capture them on an unprecedented scale. As well as giving voice to the expat population, the study will provide new insight on their needs which will help HSBC Bank International to improve its services and products for its customers.

To make your opinion heard, please visit www.offshore.hsbc.com/survey

Feel free to complete the survey. In the future, you will see, on EasyExpat's blog, exclusive interviews and access to results for the expat community.



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