Easy Expat in Dutch / EasyExpat in het Nederlands

20 August, 2009 16:26  EasyExpat EasyExpat

After Russian last month, we are proud to announce a new language on EasyExpat. All our articles and sections are available in Dutch, beside the existing English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Dutch languages. All sections including classifieds, jobs and tools are also available in Dutch (with the exception of the forums, still in the 5 different languages which are available for posting).  (More)


Thinking of doing an MBA?

18 August, 2009 10:27  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Choosing an MBA program is always a tough decision. Here are some things to bear in mind and choices to make before opting for your MBA.

1 year versus 2 years?

In recent times, many well recognized European Management Schools have introduced one year programs which have offered MBA students an alternative to the two year full time courses offered by the American universities. Here are a couple of factors that can help you make your decision on which program to go for.

One year programs offer the obvious cost and time savings by cramming a more intensive curriculum into the schedule. While this is a massive advantage for time pressed and cash strapped students, there a few downsides to it.  (More)


Languages of the world

14 August, 2009 13:36  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Back in March, we were talking about the most spoken languages in the world followed by an article on the endangered languages. Mandarin (with the 1.2 billion of Chinese), English and Spanish are of course topping the list of the most populars.

The language website bab.la has created a world map that shows some of the many languages of the world, where they are spoken and how many people speak them. This language map means you can now see the most spoken language on each continent! (More)


INTERVIEW: Balthazar Tax Advisers, Amsterdam

10 August, 2009 17:59  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Balthazar Tax Advisers is a Dutch and international tax consulting firm specialised in advising expats in the Netherlands.

Balthazar Tax Advisers, Amsterdam
Company - City - Country :

Balthazar Tax Advisers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Can you talk about your project?

On our website http://www.netherlandstax.com we have provided a lot of detailed information on tax in the Netherlands. The aim of our website is to help expats in the Netherlands know more about the Netherlands tax system and how they can benefit from it. (More)


Top Summer Festivals this August

05 August, 2009 09:22  EasyExpat EasyExpat

It’s summer, it’s sizzling and it’s time to party. What better way than with some of the hippest, funkiest and unique festivals from all over the world this August.

San Jose Jazz Fest, USA
7th- 9th August

One of the finest music festivals in the U. S, this festival attracts over 1000 artists and 100,000 jazz lovers from around the world. Jazz, blues, salsa, Latin, R&B, electronica and many other forms of contemporary music are the order of the day. If that sounds like music to your ears, the place to head for is San Jose. (More)


Easy Expat in Russian

03 August, 2009 15:30  EasyExpat EasyExpat

We have achieved the implementation of a new language on EasyExpat. We are now pleased to announce that all our articles and sections are available in Russian, beside the existing English, German, French, Italian and Spanish languages. All sections including classifieds, jobs and tools are also available in Russian (with the exception of the forums, still in the 5 different languages which are available for posting). (More)


Expat talk – what the expatriates say about living in Dubai

27 July, 2009 12:07  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Buj Al Arab - DubaiDubai has a huge expat population. While a lot of foreigners have been packing bags and heading home in recent times, the city still plays host to people from all over the world. I caught up with a couple of expats calling Dubai home and here’s what they say about life in the city.

Amar Singh, a 32 year old Indian consultant weaves his way through the dancing crowd and tells me… “I love Dubai! Look at this place… where else can you have this kind of a lifestyle in the Middle East?” We are in Barasti, a favourite watering hole for Dubai’s expatriate crowd. This could have been any bar in South East Asia… the usual 80% - 20% ratio of white men to Asian girls, loud music and free flowing drinks. “That’s the problem with this place” says Hitaru, a Japanese friend who’s recently moved to the city as well and obviously not having as great a time as Amar. “This could be anywhere in the world, everything seems so artificial. This is supposed to be a desert but it could just as well be New York.”  (More)


EasyExpat Travel: services for travellers

23 July, 2009 12:31  EasyExpat EasyExpat

We are proud to announce the full redesign of our travel service:

This website aims to provide services for those on the move, to help them finding the good vacation package within the multiple services offered by the EasyExpat portal.

We have grouped a selection of big players on holiday package, flights, car hire, travel insurance and our offer of hotels around the world. Information and services are provided both in French and English. (More)


Chicago Makes Its Bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics

21 July, 2009 10:09  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Chicago 2016 logoSince being chosen as one of the four Candidate Cities for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games (along with Madrid, Spain; Rio De Janiero, Brazil and Tokyo, Japan), Chicago has had a steady stream of events to showcase its advantages – and make  its best appeal for winning the final vote to host the Games, officially known as the XXXI Olympiad.

Chicago won its place as the United States candidate city by beating out four other cities which had hoped to be the American representative for the Games:  Houston, Texas; San Francisco and Los Angeles, both in California; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It then went on to make the cut for the final four Candidate cities – with Doha, Qatar; Baku, Azerbaijan and Prague, Czech Republic being eliminated in an earlier selection process by the International Olympics Committee (IOC). (More)


Eco travel ideas for summer

15 July, 2009 12:08  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Planning your summer holiday? From teaching orphans in Zambia to learning how to surf, here are some unique and memorable ways to enjoy your vacation responsibly.

Cultural holidays
These are opportunities that will make you go beyond the touristic taking pictures of natives. By embarking on a cultural holiday, you’ll have the chance to make real connections with people in local communities and learn about cultures and beliefs from around the world. Leave the hotels behind… try home stays or village stops. Not only will you have an experience that’s way off the beaten path, you’ll also have one that’s richer and more meaningful. (More)


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