Russia is top wealth destination for expats, Europe at the bottom of the league

12 November, 2010 08:31  EasyExpat EasyExpat

With the 2010 Expat Explorer, HSBC released the result of its survey on expats' financial aspects, the first of three reports to be published.

Finance - © Fotolia.comThe bank explores top locations for salaries, levels of disposable income and luxuries. The report also takes a look at how the expat economy has changed since 2009.

The survey is now in its third year and reached over 4,127 expats in about 100 countries this year. Two years ago published the result of the survey 2008, and in 2009 we published the Halifax report on British expatriates.

Russia is home to the wealthiest expats, followed by the Middle East

Expats in Russia remain the wealthiest in the world, with 36% earning over $250,000, even invreasing from the 30% a year ago. In fact, the Middle East, Singapore and Russia dominate the top quartile of the Wealth Hotspot leader board in 2010, while expats in mainland Europe and South Africa are accumulating the least amount of financial wealth. (More)


HSBC look at expat finance, experience and raising a family abroad in 2010

11 November, 2010 12:58  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Expat family - © Fotolia.comHSBC has released some results of its 2010 survey: Expat Explorer 2010.

Expat Explorer, now in its third year, continues to deliver an insight into expat life around the globe. 4,127 expats in over 100 countries were surveyed in 2009, making it the largest expat survey. Two years ago published the result of the survey 2008, and in 2009 we published the Halifax report on British expatriates.  (More)


EasyExpat Meetup in Milan - 5 November 2010

09 November, 2010 13:58  EasyExpat EasyExpat

[in English below]

Un aperitivo sur Milan a été organisé à l'initiative d'Emilie vendredi 5 novembre 2010 à l'Yguana. Nous lui laissons la parole pour un récapitulatif de la soirée (nous avons mis des liens avec les profiles de certains. Nous vous rappelons que grâce au forum, vous pouvez échanger vos messages sur le Wall, devenir Amis, participer aux discussions et échanger par Message Perso):

Nous nous sommes retrouvés aux alentours de 20H30 au bar l'Yguana dans le Aperitivo organised in Milan (Yguana) - November 2010  - © Emilie84quartier Ticino.  Nous avons pris l'apéritivo à l'italienne où un grand buffet de pasta, pizza, olives et foccacia nous attendait.

Les filles ont été les premières à arriver : Carole la Parisienne et Joanna la Suisse qui se connaissaient déjà avant via et moi ! Joanna a amené son petit dog français de 4 mois Taizon ; il était tellement mignon qu'il était un peu comme la mascotte de la soirée. Carole a suivi son ami français qui travaille ici et Joanna est venue rejoindre son ami italien.  Elle a repris des études à Milan et elles sont heureuses de la vie qu'elles mènent ici.

Les garçons se sont fait désirer : Aurélien est arrivé et a reconnu directement notre table puisqu'on parlait entre nous et des filles françaises qui discutent entre elles, dieu sait que çà papote.  Aurélien a invité un de ses amis Florian.  Ils sont hypers sympas et très rigolos, ils connaissent déjà quelques coins sympas à Milan et nous avons décidé de les suivre la prochaine fois.

Adrien, fraîchement arrivé il y a un mois, nous a rejoint pour déguster un bon mojito !

Nous avons discuté rapidement : nous nous sommes présentés, les raisons de notre venue en terre italienne, ce que nous faisions dans la vie, si nous aimions Milan, si nous parlions déjà bien l'italien... bref, une soirée de présentation très sympathique.

Nous nous sommes quittés vers 23h et moi je suis restée pour un dernier verre avec Florian et Aurélien puis nous sommes rentrés chez nous vers minuit.

Nous avons projeté de faire quelques sorties ensemble comme aller à Turin ou Pise, et surtout aller voir un match de foot à San Siro car nous avons deux belles équipes ici !

Voilà pour le résumé de la soirée, nous avons tous été enchanté de notre première sortie, à renouveler au plus vite.


 [En français au dessus]

An aperitivo in Milan was organised at the initiative of Emilie Friday, November 5, 2010 at Yguana bar.  (More)


Top festivals around the world this November

02 November, 2010 14:00  EasyExpat EasyExpat

The clock’s moving back, the days are getting shorter, the jackets are getting thicker and winter’s back in most of the northern hemisphere. But the festivities continue on all around the world. Here’s a round up of some of the major festivals and events from around the world this November. (More)


INTERVIEW: Bryan from

01 November, 2010 18:10  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Bryan - Norman from (Singapore) has answered our questions below.

1- Company - City - Country : - Singapore

2- On which economic sector are you acting and what is its advantage?

Our company caters to expats from anywhere in the world who are relocating, or who have just relocated to Singapore, regardless of economic sector. For detailed information, please see

3- Can you talk a bit about your company?

Singapore is a major ever-growing hub for countless multinational companies from where they engage Asia. As such, the expat community here is continuously expanding. Being an expat myself, with over 10 years' experience, I'm in an ideal position to share my knowledge with other expats who have just moved here. (More)


Terror Campaign in Europe

28 October, 2010 12:07  Erin Erin

What happened?

The U.S. issued a mild travel warning for its citizens headed to Europe on October 3rd, 2010. As if a bomb had already gone off, media outlets loudly proclaimed exclamations of "Terror in Europe". It seemed as if an actual large scale attack was just a matter of time.

What prompted this worldwide freak out was the October 2nd discovery and arrest of a 28-year-old French man of Algerian origin, Ryad Hannouni, in the Naples train station. The French man apparently had possession of a bomb-making "kit" upon his arrest. He was believed to be part of a larger group organization that is believed to be making preliminary plans for an attack on a major European city. Nine other men were also detained in the southern cities of Marseilles and Avignon on suspicion of trafficking firearms and explosives. There has been a connection made between the threats and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) based in North Africa. Lending credence to the terror warnings that accompanied this investigation were events like the recent bomb alerts in France. Recently, the Eiffel Tower has had to be evacuated on two occasions. (More)


America's Coolest Cities

25 September, 2010 11:52  Erin Erin

America the beautiful, the trendy, the place to be. Forbes, one of the premiere magazines on business and finance, recently put out a list ranking trendy metros from 1 to 10.


"Coolness" can be a tough measure to rank. Market research company Harris Interactive was responsible for conducting the poll. Approximately 2,000 adults from across the U.S. were asked which of the 40 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the country were "the coolest". Rankings by poll takers were paired with number of bars, nightclubs, restaurants, museums, galleries, live theater venues and sports stadiums in each city using data from AOL City Guides. (More)


Lisbon guide for expats in French / Guide pour expatriés sur Lisbonne en français

14 September, 2010 18:18  EasyExpat EasyExpat


We have now fully manually translated our original guide in English into French.

Lisbon is the capital and largest city of Portugal. The westernmost capital in mainland Europe, it is located in the west of the country, on the Atlantic Ocean coast at the point where the river Tagus flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The city occupies an area of 84.8 km2 (33 sq mi). The western side of the city is mainly occupied by the Monsanto Forest Park, one of the largest urban parks in Europe with an area close to 10 square kilometres. Lisbon has a Mediterranean climate that is strongly influenced by the Gulf Stream, giving it one of the mildest climates in Europe. (More)


World's Best Countries

13 September, 2010 22:40  Erin Erin

Think your country is the best of the best? The countries which have predominately held wealth and power are shifting and new countries are taking the mantle of best, most powerful, and best quality of life. Newsweek Magazine set out to define what makes a great country.


There are so many things that make a country great, Newsweek decided use the criteria of: health, economic dynamism (the openness of a country's economy and the breadth of its corporate sector), education, political environment, and quality of life. (More)


Tourist Tax in America

30 August, 2010 08:28  Erin Erin

Travelers to the USA may be looking forward to saving some money as the value of the dollar has diminished, but they will have to pay a new tourist tax first.


On September 8th, 2010 the new tax will be initiated. The Travel Promotion Act was signed into law by President Obama in March 2010.

How much?

It is a $10 fee with a $4 administration fee equalling $14. It will only be collected once every two years. (More)


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