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OECD studies: Working Conditions Around the World

16 May, 2011 11:28  Erin Erin

What is Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)?

OECD logoEstablished in 1961, this organization seeks to improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. They do this by providing a forum in which governments can work together to share experiences and seek solutions to common problems. Their site offers comparative data issues concerning the workforce including the safety of chemicals, how much taxes are paid, levels of social security, working hours, and more between countries.

So how do different countries stack up? Who works the longest hours? And who does the OECD say is doing the best?  (More)


How To WWOOF around the World

05 August, 2010 13:15  Erin Erin

What is WWOOF?

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or WWOOF, was created in England in 1971 by Sue Coppard. The idea of volunteer workers and organic farmers coming together in a symbiotic relationship seems like the perfect expression of modern organic farming. And indeed the idea has spread to over 6,000 farms worldwide. (More)


Doing business Indian style

01 December, 2009 17:54  EasyExpat EasyExpat

India is playing an increasingly important role in the global economic scene. More and more international companies are setting up operations in the country, Indian companies are strengthening their positions globally and its reputation as the preferred offshoring hub continues to go strong. Whatever the reason may be, if you find yourself heading for a meeting in India, here are some tips that may come in handy. (More)



12 October, 2009 17:50  EasyExpat EasyExpat logoPresentation offers an English resume writing service for non-English native speakers. was established in answer to the low success rate of job applications from international candidates and to support them in their job search overseas.

Anne, from is answering our questions. Anne -

Can you talk about your company?
Our unique service goes way beyond resume translation as our clients benefit from a personal consultation with a bilingual expert in recruitment, who will identify their skills and competencies, advise them and tailor their resumes to help them reach their career goals.
Can you talk about your activity/process? (More)


INTERVIEW: Research on the importance of international work experience for the career of managers and professionals

15 September, 2009 14:19  EasyExpat EasyExpat

We are a joint multinational research team: Dr. Maike Andresen from Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg/Germany, Dr. Torsten Biemann from Jacobs University Bremen/Germany and Dr. Marshall Pattie from James Madison University/USA.

PD Dr. Maike Andresen, Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg/Germany Dr. Torsten Biemann, Jacobs University Bremen/Germany Dr. Marshall Pattie, James Madison University/United States

Can you talk a bit about your activity?
We are doing research in the field of expatriation encompassing those persons who were assigned to a foreign subsidiary by their employer as well as those who relocated on their own initiative and search themselves for a new employment abroad.

Can you talk about your project?
In our current project we are exploring the importance of international work experience for the career of managers and professionals. Although many employers stress the importance of international skills in times of globalization, many expatriates report about problems during and especially after their deployment abroad. (More)


Mobile careers are going places

21 May, 2008 00:17  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Today’s increasingly mobile world has resulted in a growing need for mobile careers. People demand more flexibility and want to work at their own time, in their own space - this could be at home or by the beach. People also want to maximize time with family, beat traffic and travel. More and more people find themselves moving across countries and finding temporary homes in different parts of the world. Never before has the world been so small or flat. And never before has there been so much opportunity to pursue a career without having to be present at your office. All this combined with managers looking for high quality final output without concerning themselves with details like where and when the work was done make mobile careers an extremely interesting option for many. (More)


Boom time for jobs in India

30 April, 2008 05:28  EasyExpat EasyExpat

India is booming. With a rapidly developing economy, the country is attracting both foreign capital and talent with equal ease. With a GDP of approximately 8.5% growth this year, India offers an optimism only few others can match. This has led to a profusion of jobs at all levels in a variety of sectors. It is estimated that this year alone, India will create about 1025000 new jobs, an impressive figure that’s only marginally lower than the previous year. And here’s the best news… the growth is not concentrated in just one area but has had a spill-over effect into a range of different sectors. Let’s take a deeper look at the hottest sectors in one of the hottest economies today. (More)


INTERVIEW: Networking and Expat Careers in the USA

25 February, 2008 19:43  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Biba PédronBiba has been specializing in networking for years. Her company, Biba4Network, helps business owners to connect to who they need and maximize their networking results.  Focus on Career aims to help Francophones to start their own businesses in the US and facilitate their expatriation.

Biba4Network, LLC  / Focus on Career

City - Country :
New York/Miami  - USA

On which economic sector are you acting and what is its advantage?
Biba4Network international network for proactive entrepreneurs and small business owners, helps people to maximize their networking results, connecting them to who they need to meet & training them to network more effectively so that they can grow their businesses faster. (More)


Voice of a City

11 July, 2006 16:22  EasyExpat EasyExpat

A short message to talk about a new initiative in association with Eurostar: the website Voice of a City.

See below the announcement:

Voice of a City"voice of a city's blog" : A thrilling and genuine way to tell the frenchies all about the londonian way of life.

Apply for the job now to become one of the privileged and lucky spokesman of the city.

London is unrepeatable and there’s so much to teach the french people about it but only a few people know about it.
Listening to passionate citizens of London is without a doubt the best way to give them the desire to travel abroad and so is ‘voice of a city’.
It is becoming a concrete and achieved website thanks to the support of the one specialist of the Paris-London route that is Eurostar. (More)


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