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Three tips for dealing with the last minute moving dilemmas

29 June, 2015 08:00  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Moving and loading boxesThe last minute moving atmosphere is that short moment of an overwhelming atmosphere and rushing people, which usually lasts quite longer than just a short moment. Because of that, you probably want to take some extra measurements and activities to enhance the atmosphere or at least to reduce the stress. Let's take a look at three common advises that are always helpful, especially if you plan a big house relocation with all the family members, the kids and the pets, as well as piles of moving boxes, heavy objects... (More)


Three deciding factors for international removals

20 June, 2015 07:00  EasyExpat EasyExpat

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AGS Worldwide Movers

The day you’ve been dreaming about is finally here: your chance to move to a new country! While you turn your dreams into reality, we’ll explain why choosing AGS to conduct the international removal of your home or office contents is so hassle-free.

We understand that removals can be the last thing on your mind during this exciting and busy period, but a few minutes spent choosing AGS as your removal company are well worthwhile. Our 95% customer satisfaction rate is proof of that!  (More)


Moving checklist compilation steps

15 June, 2015 08:00  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Moving checklist compilation stepsIt's usually hard to complete the moving checklist in time and sometimes you modify it until the last moment and even at the moving day. That's why a great idea is to follow the next moving checklist compilation steps, which can help you with an easier organization when moving house. (More)


EU won't axe mobile roaming fees for a while

27 April, 2015 08:19  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Once Yes, another time No. From July 2014 roaming prices in Europe have fallen again from 20 to 55%.

Under the leadership of the European Commission, the roaming prices have melted by 80% since 2007. They are currently:

  • €0.19 for an outgoing call (0.24 before);
  • €0.05 for an incoming call (0.07 before);
  • €0.06 for SMS (0.08 before);
  • €0.20 for each megabyte of data downloaded (0.45 before);
  • SMS messages received are free.

Yes the European Commission wanted to go much further and its real goal was to remove all the extra costs; a sort of United States of digital Europe with a single cost wherever you are located within the European Union.

Mobile phone - Fotolia.



AGS: We Move The People Who Move The World

14 April, 2015 09:03  EasyExpat EasyExpat

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Let AGS Worldwide Movers’ 40+ years of experience move you! With a network of over 129 locations in 82 countries, AGS offers a complete, seamless relocation solution, to and from anywhere in the world. From packing to short or long-term storage, services provided by AGS Worldwide Movers are personalised and adapted to suit its clients’ needs. More than 55 000 families place their trust in AGS Worldwide Movers every year, and so can you.  (More)


An Expat in Cape Town

31 March, 2015 10:08  Erin Erin

At EasyExpat we provide the latest in expat news, but sometimes a personal journey can best explain the unique challenges and triumphs involved in moving abroad. Expat Kate shared the story of her move to South Africa on Expat-Quotes and we are sharing it again here.

Kate Move to South Africa I’ve always enjoyed travelling – in fact, after I left school it was pretty much the only thing I was interested in doing with my life. I wasn’t bothered about uni or further study, and I certainly didn’t fancy knuckling down to a full time job. I had a fantastic few years travelling around the world visiting Australasia, Asia, Europe, North & South America and North Africa. Eventually, I realised I would need to settle down at some point and find a career – but after a few long years back in England, I had itchy feet again.


Guide for the Move to America

03 September, 2014 16:47  Erin Erin

My reason for moving molly move to americaAt EasyExpat we provide the latest in expat news, but sometimes a personal journey can best explain the unique challenges and triumphs involved in moving abroad. Expat Molly has shared the many steps in her move from the UK to join her fiancée (now husband) in the USA.

We have followed her preparations for a visa, discover the differences in renting a home, start the job search in her new country and settle into a happy new life abroad in the Move to America. She also shared her background story and biggest tips in an expat interview.



5 Ways to Overcome New Expat Housing Challenges

26 August, 2014 13:10  Erin Erin

Luggage in hotel room - Fotolia There's no doubt that moving overseas provides a multitude of amazing benefits for families who are brave enough to take the plunge.  However, becoming an expat certainly isn't without its challenges.

While many of the difficulties can vary from one individual or family to the next, there are several that are common to almost all new expat families no matter what their personalities or destination of choice. Most notably, the task of setting up residence.

Here are a few tips for making the chore of finding a place to live a bit easier as a new expat.



Understanding Financial Sponsorship for The Move to America

06 August, 2014 07:33  Erin Erin

At EasyExpat we provide the latest and greatest in expat news, but sometimes a personal journey can best explain the unique challenges and triumphs involved in moving abroad. Meet Molly and follow along on her adventure in the Move to America.

understanding sponsorship move to america One of the many questions I get asked about on my blog concerns the cost of the whole visa process (which I wrote about on here previously) and the role of the sponsor.

Often for people at the very beginning of it all (including myself when I started) they look for information about what to expect regarding the financial proof the sponsor has to provide, and what all of this part of the process involves - I get asked about this many times too, so I hope by sharing some of my experiences of getting my spousal visa, it all becomes a little clearer.


Finding a Teaching Job in Libya

29 July, 2014 11:53  Erin Erin

While these tips pertain to an expat's experience finding work teaching abroad in Libya, you can take some of her base tips to teach anywhere.

Job search - Fotolia Like in many other countries in the world, it is possible to get an ESL teaching job in Libya. Here are a few tips to secure a job in a Libyan University.

Finding a job in Libyan Universities

The requirements to be hired as an ESL teacher in Libya are quite easy to meet, including for non native speakers and newly qualified teachers who may not have a lot of experience, that plus the fact that there are more job offers than candidates makes Libya an option worth considering. On top of that the salary package is really interesting for expats and will allow you to live comfortably and even save some money.



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