Battling the Homesick Blues

12 July, 2012 09:42  Erin Erin

Luggage in hotel room - FotoliaA simple question from @MissAboutTown brought up an issue most expats encounter,
"Six weeks after the permanent overseas move, homesickness is starting to strike. Anyone got advice on overcoming it?"  (More)


Greet Like a Local: Deciphering the Complicated Culture of Greetings

28 March, 2012 14:36  Erin Erin

Hug or handshake? The kiss? The double kiss? The triple kiss?

Saying "hello" is more complicated than just knowing the language. So much of communication is non-verbal, greetings across cultures requires you to learn to speak another language with your actions. Greetings are determined by social etiquette, relationship of the people, and geographic location.

Tips on Being Polite

If you approach situations in a positive spirit and are flexible, rarely will you go wrong in a greeting.  (More)


Protecting Yourself Legally While Abroad

02 November, 2011 15:56  Erin Erin

Globe and Gavel © fotomatrix - Fotolia.comAs the Amanda Know case was battled out in the courtroom and in the media, the common question was:

If she's innocent, What did she do wrong?

As an expat, it is likely that you are not altogether familiar with the laws and legal system you are living within. Many people aren't entirely familiar with the legal system they are born into. However, this is a vital aspect of leading a happy and safe expat life. From the bizarre investigation and trial of the American Knox in Italy, to much more mundane issues of visas, purchase of property, and the use and transport of drugs, expats and travelers should understand their rights and responsibilities wherever they go. (More)


How Bad is Traffic in your City?

05 October, 2011 10:39  Erin Erin

Traffic © Urbanhearts - Fotolia.comThe IBM Global Commuter Pain Survey finds that many people have crossed their pain threshold for traffic and congestion. With more than one billion cars on the road worldwide, an increasing number of respondents say that roadway traffic has increased their levels of personal stress and anger. (More)


Bike Share for Locals and Travelers

24 August, 2011 09:10  Erin Erin

Alignement de vélos à Paris (Vélib) © mat75002 - FotoliaTraffic, congestion and pollution have long been a plague on cities. While public transportation helps to abate some of these problems, it is not always available. One of the best options in many cities is to take to the road - by bike. Two wheels rather than four can not only lessen the environmental footprint you have on the world, it can also provide faster transport, it's cheap, has distinct health benefits, and it can also help you form a stronger bond to the city around you.

City Bike Programs

Many cities are now seeing the value of having a community of bike riders. City governments are adding bike lanes, riders are forming groups, and routes and tips are posted online. "Utility cycling" is a term that refers to cycling not done primarily for fitness or recreation, but as a means of transport. Bike sharing and inexpensive rentals are gaining in popularity for both tourists and residents. Cities want people to get out there, and get riding. (More)


Respecting Ramadan as an Expat or Traveler

19 August, 2011 09:22  Erin Erin

Muslim fasting activities in Ramadan month © Jasmin Merdan - FotoliaWhat is Ramadan?

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is the Islamic month of fasting, Ramadan. Believed to be the month that the Qu'ran was revealed to the prophet Muhammad, participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking smoking, sexual intimacy with their partners and negative behaviors like swearing, lying and getting angry from Imsak, which is just before sunrise, until Maghrib, at sunset. This is in order to purify the soul, refocus attention on God, and practice self-sacrifice. Ramadan is much more than abstaining, Muslims believe Ramadan is a time to read the entire Qu'ran and is an auspicious month for the revelations of God to humankind. (More)


How to Battle Culture Shock and Win

27 July, 2011 11:13  Erin Erin

color glob icon © Marina Zlochin - FotoliaThe bad news: Most people will experience some form of culture shock.
The good news: It is manageable and you can overcome it.

Culture shock tends to hit every individual in a different way, and even members of the same family can have a vastly different reaction to the change. The key is to understand the phenomenon and prepare for it. (More)


Expat Kids- A Baby Abroad

18 July, 2011 11:03  Erin Erin

Pregnant belly map © Luis Louro - FotoliaHaving a baby is a joyous occasion, but offers challenges unlike any other. Insurance, health of the mother and baby, finances, child safety, and the whole birthing process can be overwhelming. As terrifying as the experience can be, know that giving birth is international and happens every day, everywhere. It is estimated that 4.45 people are born every second worldwide, which is 267 every minute, 384,000 thousand every day, 140.4 million every year. That's a lot of babies.

As with so many things, a little research will help prepare for the newest expat. Whether it is a first baby, first baby abroad, or another little traveler, being prepared before their arrival is key. (More)


Eating Vegetarian/Vegan as an Expat

13 July, 2011 17:53  Erin Erin

un panier de légumes frais. © thieury - FotoliaEating abroad can be a challenge as the names of the dishes, way they are served, and ingredients can be entirely different from those you are familiar with. Even a slice of pizza in New York City is vastly different from a piece of pizza pie in Italy. Trying to stick to a vegetarian, or especially a vegan, lifestyle can make these already challenging conditions seem impossible. (More)


Homosexual's Rights & Celebrations

01 July, 2011 00:25  Erin Erin

Rainbow flag © RikkeThe last few weekends have been filled with festivities. As always, summer brings out the festivals in cities around the world as people are celebrating: Music, Food, Environmental, and- of course- Gay Pride. In America, June has officially been declared a Gay and Lesbian Pride Month by former President Bill Clinton since 2000 (this was slightly amended in 2009 by President Barack Obama proclaiming June to be LGBT - lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexualism Pride month). However, the US continues to struggle with recognizing the rights of the LGBT community, as does much of the world.  (More)


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