Enrolling in family insurance in Germany

25 January, 2018 11:11  EasyExpat EasyExpat

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Logo SBK - Siemens-BetriebskrankenkasseWhen choosing health insurance in Germany, you’re often not just choosing for yourself — you’re choosing for the family members that depend on you. (More)


Expat Health Insurance: Getting the right package!

18 July, 2016 07:25  EasyExpat EasyExpat

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Expat Health Insurance
Ask yourself the right questions for your situation and choose the insurance plan that best suits your needs!

1) What is the local healthcare system like?

If you’re travelling to the United States, Canada or the UK, you should be aware that the cost of healthcare in these countries is sometimes exorbitant.

In the UK for example, the healthcare system is split in two: the National Health Service (public system) and the private sector. The National Health Service provides free care but waiting times can be very long.  (More)


International health insurance: what coverage is provided?

11 January, 2016 08:24  EasyExpat EasyExpat

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An international health insurance solution offers various benefits, specially designed for people spending over a year abroad. Though some benefits are essential, others can be selected depending on your needs and situation. Learn about what kind of benefits may be included in your policy!

Must-have benefits

Medical cover

This is THE essential benefit of any international health insurance solution! You can decide to cover all or part of your healthcare expenses abroad (hospitalisation, routine healthcare, optical and dental care).  (More)


Expat Health Insurance: How to piece together the cover you need

07 April, 2015 08:30  EasyExpat EasyExpat

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Key Things to Look for in an Expat Health Insurance Policy

Month on month, year on year, we’re seeing more and more people packing their bags and heading for pastures new; but how many of them think about health insurance before they set off?

Becoming an expat isn’t easy, but organising the right health insurance for you and your family can be. Like many things in life, it’s all about knowing what you’re looking for.  (More)


Having A Baby Abroad

29 April, 2014 10:47  Erin Erin

A baby girl in her snow suit and a warm hat in Canada © tatykud - A pregnancy is always a time of change and upheaval. Having a baby abroad can be even more difficult as you are frequently without the safety net of your friends and family. Even basics like how to find a doctor, birthing procedures, or even how to say baby can be out of reach.

Exploring your options and making your own choices is one of the best tools for feeling empowered in your pregnancy. The choice really is up to you, and realizing that you have control of your pregnancy options can relieve some of the uncertainty. Just like so many things in expatriation, research and planning are the key to a successful pregnancy abroad.



Expats - What's in your Fridge?

22 October, 2013 09:42  Erin Erin

expat food grocery pic News of a recent photo project by Peter Menzel has brought a lot of attention to the food different cultures prepare and consume. His project displays a week of groceries in countries around the globe in places such as Mexico, Great Britain, China, Kuwait, the USA and more.

It's facinating to observe what food groups compose a country's diet, as well as the quanity of prepared and packaged goods, grains utilized, fresh products and a look at the families themselves. His project highlights the many different cultures and lifestyles of the people of the world through their cuisine.



Finding Health Insurance for The Move to America

08 May, 2013 12:06  Erin Erin

  In a new series, we are following the story of future expat Molly, a Brit who seeks to join her American husband in Ohio. At EasyExpat we try to provide you all the latest and greatest in Expat News and Resources, but sometimes a personal journey can best explain the unique challenges and triumphs involved in moving abroad. Meet Molly and follow along on her adventure in the Move to America.

the move to america health insuranceOne of the key things I have been looking into, with regards to my eventual move to the US, has been health insurance. It is not a requirement of my Spousal Petition to the US, but it is a vital part of US life as everyone at some point will need medical care. It is a very different system to the NHS in the UK and I needed to understand, as best I could, how the US system works.


Stay Healthy like a Local

20 March, 2013 15:55  Erin Erin

un panier de légumes frais. © thieury - Fotolia The change of seasons is always a high time for cold & flu season. The runny nose, hacking cough, and bone-tired feeling is something most of us know all too well. As those of us in the Northern Hemisphere struggle to shake off the chill of winter on this first day of Spring, the last thing you want is to start the season feeling sickly.

Doctors and health professionals provide similar tips for staying healthy all over the world.

  • Wash your hands! This means frequently and thoroughly. Always use soap and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds (for example, the time it takes to hum the "Happy Birthday" song from beginning to end twice.)
  • Sleep. Getting your rest is one of the best ways to stay healthy and ward off illness. It is generally suggested to get about 8 hours of sleep a night.
  • Get a flu-shot. Ideally, anyone over 6 months old should be vaccinated annually. However, shortages frequently occur and vaccines may only be available for those aged 6 months through 4 years and over the age of 50, those suffering with a chronic disease, or those working in the health care field.
  • Eat a balanced diet. While what we eat and how varies widely around the globe, remember to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to receive the necessary vitamins.
  • Exercise. Working out regularly enhances immune function, so even when it is cold out - get those muscles moving!


Guide to the European Health Insurance Card

15 February, 2012 12:40  Erin Erin

Zipper bag with medicines © maljalen - Fotolia.comWhat is the European Health Insurance Card?

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows access to state-provided healthcare in all European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland at a reduced cost, or sometimes free of charge. The card can be used at any kind of health service, like at a general practitioner, hospital or pharmacy. Benefits depend on the country's standard of care. To find out about a specific country's standards, research the member state's healthcare(More)


International health insurances

11 December, 2009 15:33  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Moving to a new country? Travel frequently? Need to make impromptu trips? Whatever the reason for being on the move, it’s best to be covered by an international insurance. Needless to say, navigating the murky world of insurances can be a complicated affair. Below are some of the key players in the industry to get you started. (More)


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