Beer Festivals in Germany

23 April, 2008 06:40  EasyExpat EasyExpat

www.germanymunich.com: Oktoberfest Germany has long been a shrine for beer lovers from around the world. Two of the biggest and most popular beer festivals in the world take place in Germany. The most popular is Munich’s world renowned Oktoberfest which strangely enough takes place in September. The second most famous beer festival is the Stuttgart Beer Festival. There are officially two Stuttgart festivals, one in spring and one in autumn. And here’s the good news – the Stuttgart Spring Festival is just around the corner. Let’s take a look at these three big and happening places to be if you enjoy guzzling gallons of your favourite brew. (More)


The end of the red light district in Amsterdam?

17 March, 2008 21:16  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Red light District - Amsterdam - A girl in a windowAmsterdam is probably as well known for its canals, tulips and bikes, as for its red light district and coffeeshop (as the name does not explain clearly, places where you can legally smoke cannabis/marijuana as well has having a drink).

But now the area known for its sex-shops, sex-shows and brothels, is slowly changing, with the voews of the city council which has decided recently to clean up the expanding sleaze, crime and violence in the historic district (mostly blaming Eastern European pimps and international organized crime attracted by the Netherlands' lenient policies). The city bought 5 brothels and let for free for 1 year the 18 windows (out of 500 according to the IHT) to young artists, photographers and fashion designers. (More)


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