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Guide for expatriates in Sofia (Bulgaria)

06 June, 2018 12:53  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Expat guide: Sofia, Bulgaria We are proud to launch our new city guide for expatriates in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and the country's political, administrative, and cultural center. There is a total of 1.3 million people living in the city and 1.7 million people living in the metropolitan area.


Bulgaria is an open and flexible economy. The economy was restructured substantially and began to grow after competitive tax rates, open trade regime, after the relatively high level of resilience from the financial sector during the 2014 liquidity crisis.

The level of debt tends to be the lowest in the Balkan region with the budget deficits declining. In order to ensure long-term economic growth, the judicial effectiveness and government integrity must be committed to institutional reforms. Tourism, information technology, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and textiles are all leading industries in Bulgaria. However, migrant flows are an issue.

The economy grew by over 1% in the year of 2017.

Sofia is the capital and economic hub of Bulgaria and home to most major Bulgarian and international companies that operate within in the country.  In the recent years electronics and electric equipment production has regained higher levels of economic growth. A large number of Western-style outlets began to appear in Sofia, and the city developed as a retail center which helped the economy. Sofia is a major air travel hub as well.


You will find the usual articles in our guide to prepare your expatriation to Sofia and manage your life once in there: Overview, Job, Passport, Visa & Permits, International Removal Companies, Finding Accommodation in Bulgaria, Work, Benefits and Tax, Moving in, Education, Health, Practical Life (banks, transport, shopping...), Entertainment...

You can also discuss and share experience about Bulgaria in our forum.

Last but not least, you can download the full guide in PDF format, in order to read quietly and maybe to upload on your mobile or tablet PC/iPad.


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