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5 Tips for Enjoying a Stress-Free Holiday Vacation

27 November, 2017 08:25  EasyExpat EasyExpat

5 Tips for Enjoying a Stress-Free Holiday Vacation - Photo Credit: Pixabay

On the fence about whether to get away this holiday?

How about if you knew that a vacation could help you live longer? Or, that it can improve your energy and reduce your stress. For some holiday travelers, though, vacation can actually increase stress. Vacations that are poorly planned, plagued with work worries, or scheduled in crowded, busy cities can actually add to your stress load.

So whether you’re setting off for a visit with family, planning a bucket list romantic trip to Hawaii, or hitting the road solo, use these tips to make sure you enjoy your time away.

Tip #1 Make Your Vacation about You

When you’re planning, think about things you’re passionate about, and that doesn’t always have to be the fan favorite on TripAdvisor. Look for things that will make the getaway more relaxing and personalized to you.

If you’re headed home for the holidays to spend time with family, be sure to carve out some time to enjoy some personal pleasures. And if you’re traveling with a loved one on an exotic adventure, remember to prioritize your needs as well as theirs.

Tip #2 Select a Relaxing Spot

If you’re searching for the perfect holiday vacation spot, choose a place where relaxation is a part of life. In other words, a trip to New York City might not be the stress relief you’re looking for. Luckily, there’s plenty of great relaxation spots right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Tip #3 Handling the Work Front

Before you leave, you’ll want to get things at work in order so you’re not stressing about it while you’re away.

Give Advance Notice. Give your boss, coworkers and customers plenty of notice so they have time to properly prepare for your absence.

Delegate. Make sure anything that needs handled while you’re away has been passed off to someone who will manage it for you. Good delegating is key to a great vacation.

Plan, Don’t Cram. One thing that can get your vacation off to a stressful start is working until the very last minute. You’ll need time to prepare for vacation, both tangibly and mentally. Consider taking a day off before vacation to get ready.

Tip #4 Unplug

We’re talking about more than unplugging all the televisions, computers, and other items that will zap energy while you’re gone, you should also consider powering down your phone.

When you plan to unplug, you’re actively choosing to have more meaningful conversations, to live in the moment, to see new and exciting things, and to decrease your stress.

Tip #5 Protect Your Home

The last thing you want to worry about while you’re away is a home break-in. Take these safety measures before you leave.

Don’t run your own vacation marketing plan. Sharing your upcoming vacation itinerary or posting pictures of the beautiful scenery from the beach, can alert people you’re not home.

Keep up appearances. A dark house also sends a signal you’re not home, so set light timers throughout your home. Use a vacation timer so the lights aren’t set to a specific on and off pattern. Also, ask a neighbor to take out your trash and collect mail, these are other signals no one is home.

Consider a house sitter. A loyal friend can retrieve fliers, mail, newspaper deliveries or other items that might be left outside your door. This may help hide the fact that you are away from home.

Arm your alarm. If may seem like the obvious, but many homeowners with valuable home security systems don’t engage them. Now is a good time to put them to work.

Taking a stress-free holiday vacation will require intent. It’s easy to get overburdened with planning, packing and work prep. It’s also easy to pack and take along some of life’s frustrations. Instead, add flexibility, a good dose of humor, a taste for adventure and a lot of patience to your list.


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