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Guide for expatriates in Bucharest (Romania)

25 April, 2017 09:24  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Expat guide: Bucharest, Romania We are proud to launch our new city guide for expatriates in Bucharest, Romania.

Formerly part of the communist bloc, this quiet Eastern European country has been changing at a rapid pace during the past two decades. Romanian society and economy are constantly evolving, and the transformation has grown momentum since the country entered the European Union in 2007.

Bucharest, the capital city, is the main economic and financial hub and the sixth most populous city in the European Union. Once known as "Little Paris", it nowadays bears little resemblance to the French metropolis, having developed, in exchange, a character of its own.

This is Romania's most developed city, with the highest standard of living in the country. It contributes approximately 22.7% to the economy's GDP and a quarter to its industrial production.

The city's main economic sectors are services and constructions. Bucharest is home to the headquarters of nearly all of the country's major companies. The city also has Romania's biggest IT&C industry, to the Bucharest Stock Exchange and an important retail sector. Bucharest is also Romania's major industrial hub, with numerous factories operating within the city limits, producing automotive equipment, industrial machinery and equipment, electric and electronic equipment, textiles and footwear, among others.


You will find the usual articles in our guide to prepare your expatriation to Bucharest and manage your life once in there: Overview, Job, Passport, Visa & Permits, International Removal Companies, Finding Accommodation in Romania, Work, Benefits and Tax, Moving in, Education, Health, Practical Life (banks, transport, shopping...), Entertainment...

You can also discuss and share experience about Romania in our forum.

Last but not least, you can download the full guide in PDF format, in order to read quietly and maybe to upload on your mobile or tablet PC/iPad.


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