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Three tips for dealing with the last minute moving dilemmas

29 June, 2015 08:00  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Moving and loading boxesThe last minute moving atmosphere is that short moment of an overwhelming atmosphere and rushing people, which usually lasts quite longer than just a short moment. Because of that, you probably want to take some extra measurements and activities to enhance the atmosphere or at least to reduce the stress. Let's take a look at three common pieces of advice that are always helpful, especially if you plan a big house relocation with all the family members, the kids and the pets, as well as piles of moving boxes, heavy objects...

- Make a simple sketching of the floor plan of your old house. This is a great idea when you've already packed and wrapped all the removal boxes by yourself. Note the exact location of each box, especially if you already arranged them according to your inventory sheet or a moving checklist.

An arrangement by rooms is recommended when the new house is organized with the same or nearly the same rooms. A simple drawing of each room and the specs of the boxes in it can facilitate your helpers or the moving crew when loading the moving van. Such a drawing, for example, can show the moving agents where exactly are located the boxes without the need to tell them for each separate box. Not to mention that all the boxes with labels "Kitchen" or "Living room" can be handled one by one and so arranged in the moving van in just one section. This will facilitate the unloading too, because the moving crew can begin with the unloading of the boxes from one room only and then to continue only with the boxes for another room, etc.

- Make a small box or a bag with sandwiches, refreshing or energizing drinks. Put it of aside until the last minute of the moving day and so you can give sandwiches to your kids, for example. What better way to reduce the motions and the noises when hurrying to deal with schedules!

Another great idea is to discuss some last-moment details with the moving agents by sharing a cup of refreshing coffee with them. Or else, prepare the kids toys in another small bag and open the box to surprise your kids during the last minutes of the loading activities. It should be quite a better opt to watch your kids playing with toys in one side of the room, for example, instead of strolling and running through the piles of boxes, furnishings, bags, narrow passages.

- Don't forget to play the role of director for yourself. It's that last minute moving atmosphere that overwhelms all the senses and perhaps you will doubt if forgotten something somewhere, etc.

Checking and last checking is important, but also a comprehensive moving checklist gives you a better supervising opts. Try not to forget the keys or the map to the new house, or the GPS, or the mobiles. Make also sure to have the contacts of the removal company on a handy place and make a final check of the empty house.

Another great idea is to take some pictures of the rooms, the backyard, the neighboring streets, houses, parks, the school of your kids. It's that little hint of priceless memories, which is always an important thing to do. Just make another separate column in the moving checklist only with these last-minutes steps to do in order to feel more comfortable at the moving day.

Ella A is a content writer and blogger with great flair for home relocation and self-storage related project. She likes to share related tips and advises with her readers worldwide. Read more here: best quality moving services in Battersea


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