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Moving checklist compilation steps

15 June, 2015 08:00  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Moving checklist compilation stepsIt's usually hard to complete the moving checklist in time and sometimes you modify it until the last moment and even at the moving day. That's why a great idea is to follow the next moving checklist compilation steps, which can help you with an easier organization when moving house.

1. Get rid of the useless items and objects in your old house. It comes to objects like old letters, newspapers, clothes or other things that you definitely don't want to take with yourself to the new house. There is no need to take them with yourself just to get rid of them while unboxing or arranging. Because of that, getting rid of the useless things is something like wiping of dust and of course it means less items in the inventory sheet, and so an easier moving checklist to compile.

2. De-cluttering and sorting of the rest of the objects is the next important step, which will give you the chance to see what is about to relocate with only a blink of the eye. Put the biggest and heaviest objects in one corner of each room and try not to mix the objects from the different rooms. Put of aside the heaviest furnishings that need dismantling before wrapping, because they might be the last things to load in the moving van. Use another corner of each room for piling medium-sized objects and furnishings, as well as another corner only for the smallest and lightest objects. What better way to determine how many and which types of removal boxes you will need for your belongings, as well as what to put high on the moving checklist!

3. Separate a specific area only for the items for recycling. Call your removal company to discuss the details about their recycling services, which can save you time or ensure a big discount. Ask the moving agent whether they have rental or recycling nature-friendly moving boxes. Whether the boxes can be recycled after use or not, etc.

4. Start with the compilation of the checklist at least a couple of weeks before the moving date and take your free time to consider all the important things. At this step, you need only to begin with the compilation of the moving checklist and there is no need to try to finish it until the end of the day. By contrast, try to add or rearrange things until a few days before the moving day. This will help you to memorialize all the small details and bigger highlights in your checklist, which means an easier orientation among the piles of boxes and items.

5. Organize the moving checklist in columns - each for a specific room of the old house. Or else, use the names of the rooms in the new house, but you have to decide all about the arrangement in the new house in advance. By doing so, it would be easier to find out which items and objects you don't want to move with yourself and which ones should stay in the old house. Begin with an inspection of each room, corner by corner and note all the bigger objects from every room. Make another adjacent column to note the exact moving box in which the items should fit in. After a few days, a week or so, you should reach the moment of including the smallest items, etc.

6. Review all the columns in the checklist and make the final touches like labeling the boxes according to the checklist or making a small box with special items like sandwiches for the kids, water, precious objects, phonebooks, etc.

Ella A is  a content writer and blogger  with great flair for home relocation and self-storage related project. She likes to share related tips and advises with her readers worldwide. Read more here: top-quality moving services in Chelsea


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