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How to write properly the currency symbol abroad

19 May, 2015 08:12  EasyExpat EasyExpat

currencyEnglish speakers are used to have the currency symbol written before the amount, with a dot to separate from the decimal points (e.g. $123.45). However it may vary according to the country you are in : the money symbol could be located after the figure, and the decimal separated by a comma.

Here is a simple series of examples to list the variations within some European countries:

  • France: 123,45
  • Germany: 123,45
  • Italy: 123,45
  • Netherlands: 123,45
  • Portugal: 123,45
  • Spain: 123,45
  • United Kingdom: £123.45

To make things more complicated, in some countries (languages) you may write 123€45 instead of 123,45 € (in France for example). And in French speaking Canada (Quebec province) you would prefer 123.45€.


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