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Launch of our new websites

16 December, 2014 09:47  EasyExpat EasyExpat

EasyExpat.com - New layout v6We have just launched our new Websites!

As soon as you hit the updated home page, you'll find a site that's more modern and dynamic, but that's just the beginning: you can now enjoy our websites on all the devices you may use: a mobile phone, a table/iPad or your laptop/desktop. Our design will adapt to give you the best experience on our different websites.

Our team has worked hard to build the beginning of what will allow us to deliver more features and functionality to our visitors.

You can see our previous changes here, there and even more history here

We want EasyExpat.com and BlogExpat.com to be "THE place to talk and learn about expatriation" and to provide you with the resources to have successful expat experience.

We have over 50 comprehensive city guides that cover everything from finding work, to the visa process, to the best places to meet-up in town. In addition, we provide Expat FAQ, classifieds, job listings, expat blogs, expat interviews, expat author interviews, blog awards and forums for users to share experiences, provide information and ask questions.

Guides are available online, and for free download. Stay tuned to our expat news and editor blogs (in French and English).

Follow our posts on social media (EasyExpat & BlogExpat Twitter, EasyExpat & BlogExpat Facebook, and LinkedIn) and share your favorite resources, blogs, and articles.

Whether you are planning a move abroad, new to expat life, or an old pro, we have the tools to create or enhance your life abroad.

We look forward to hearing from you and making iterative improvements to the site so we can all explore, learn, and collaborate together.



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