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Five Reasons to Go Expat

24 April, 2014 17:01  EasyExpat EasyExpat

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People from all walks of life become expats for many different reasons. So maybe you should consider expatriating if you...

1. ...were destined for a different climate: Maybe you’re the one member of your family who doesn’t crisp in the sun, perhaps you’ve always been at home on ski slopes but were born nearer the desert, or, more likely, you’re just tired of the rain. Seeking sunnier, cooler, wetter or more temperate climes is perfectly reasonable and could even bring health benefits.

2. ...want a better job: From our earliest ancestors, to Dick Whittington seeking his fortune in London, to the first men landing on the moon, travel has been a perfect vehicle for career advancement. Aim high, apply for positions not just in your home country, ask about transferring and who knows where it could take you?  You could be walking down the streets of Manhattan, exploring Dubai or moving to Hong Kong.

3. ...need an adventure: Learn a new language, throw yourself into a different culture and take on new challenges! Life will suddenly seem a whole lot more exciting. Whether it’s swimming across Lake Windermere, trekking in the Amazon rainforest or just making yourself at home in a new city, becoming an expat will mean broadening your horizons and discovering a new side to your character.

4. ...are a hopeless romantic: Many move abroad to be with a partner – others find love after moving abroad. Whether you’re longing for something new and need a fresh start, or are embarking on an expat life with your partner at your side, moving abroad could do wonders for your love life.

5. ...have earned it: If you’ve lived in the same location all your life, retirement provides the perfect opportunity to try something new. Pick a destination with a laid back vibe and give your friends and family plenty of reasons to visit.

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