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Expat Twitter Round-Up: April 14th, 2014

14 April, 2014 09:55  Erin Erin

Twitter bird on globe Expats are a worldly crew, generally knowledgeable about what is happening around them from local, everyday events to major international news. We have collected the top tweets of the week for expats, travelers, and those interested in the global pulse.

Expat News

Ask an Expat: 5 questions about how Obamacare applies to US expats

Top expat complaints about Spain on Twitter

Classic Dishes You Must Try in Spain

#Mexico: A #Culture of #Entrepreneurs. There aren't any 99% instant-gratification hipsters here #travel #rtw #ttot

How One Canadian Couple Took a Leap and Became Fine Wine Merchants of the East

"Set Jetters" Alert: #GameOfThrones Tourism

Flying when pregnant - Your Expat Child

Tweets from our Featured Bloggers

Expat / Travelers
Confessions of an Expat: How to Talk Dirty to Any Traveler

Expat in Spain
Moving to Spain videos: Answers to your FAQs about moving to Spain #spain #relocation

Expat in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
The Rule of Three: What We Do All Day

Expat in Berlin,Germany
Journey # 69: Priority Mail! Expat Quality Time

Expat in London, UK
Travel Light to Barcelona

Expat in Guadalajara, Mexico
Le Petite Jardin; we finished our hydroponic wall garden!

Expat in Japan
8 free things to do in Tokyo #lp

Expat in Lyon, France
I have a case of The Expat Flu. Do you? (cough cough)




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