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Expat Twitter Round-Up: March 3rd, 2014

03 March, 2014 08:58  Erin Erin

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Expats are a worldly crew, generally knowledgeable about what is happening around them from local, everyday events to major international news. We have collected the top tweets of the week for expats, travelers, and those interested in the global pulse.

Expat News

What Do Expats Think of America?

(Mind-Blowing) Words of Wisdom - Life Advice from a China Expat Sage

Today's #expat #entrepreneur Noriko from Japan to UK. Bringing traditional Japanese sweets to #Brighton & Hove

Wikipaella - Policing paella for the benefit of everyone #spain #foodie

A 1940s Board Game For French Kids Taught Tactics for Successful Colonialism

Black And German? 'Schwarz Gemacht' Examines Afro-German Identity

Tweets from our Featured Bloggers

Expat in Ohio, USA
Questions about #US #visaprocess answered on my #vlog | #expat #US to #USA

Expat in Cisternino, BR, Italy
Jessica moved first, followed by Shakespeare, our cat. Then our "stuff" went. Finally, it was my turn.

Expat in Melrose, MA
What are the products you can't live without?! Expat: What do you buy when you go home?

Expat in Folkestone, England
My Top Ten Most Awkward Moments as an American Expat in England -

Expat in Almuñécar, Spain
Hear The Kids Speak In Spanish -18 Months Living In Spain! - #spain #expat #travel #familytravel

Brit/American in NYC
Beach playground

Expat in Seville, Spain
Summer Work in Spain: Working as an Au Pair #Spain #expat 

Expat in Chiang Mai, Thailand
The fat girl in Thailand

Expat in Barcelona, Spain
Take a delicious tour around La Boquería Market in #Barcelona - AKA my #1 pick for foodies. (#spain #food #travel)




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