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What's your Stage in the Expat Journey?

13 November, 2013 10:19  Erin Erin

A new post on our service site, Expat-Quotes, identifies the different stages of expat integration. The post, "Where are you in the Expatriate Journey?", lays out the stages:

Pre-departure: I am really doing this? Expat journey

Honeymoon: Vacations never felt like this

Culture Shock: Is this really happening?

Transformation: Finding your groove

Integration: A whole new reality

This path can be a rocky road and no one knows that better than expats who have already made the leap. When we posted the article on Twitter,


We were surprised and pleased to have expats respond and share their status on the wild voyage of expatriation.











Thank you to our respondents for sharing a glimpse into their lives! Readers - Where are you in the expat journey?

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