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Expats Re-Create Halloween Abroad

29 October, 2013 07:37  Erin Erin

Funny face pumpkin © Sandra Cunningham - Fotolia.com It is almost time for the scariest holiday of the year and whether you love it or hate it, people are celebrating- in some form or another - around the globe.

We've covered the various ways Halloween is honored in our post Celebrating Halloween as an Expat and personally bemoaned the relative apathy for the holiday in Germany in our American editor blog with "Expat Woes: I Miss Halloween".

When we asked how expats were celebrating this Halloween, we recieved answers from expats all over the world. Ranging from parties to pumpkin pie, some of these expats are ready to get spooky while others are content to focus their energy on some of their country's other offerings.












Some expat's entusiasm for the holiday has waned abroad...at least for this year.




How are you celebrating this holiday? Have you adopted Halloween living in a place that celebrates it? Is there a holiday you've adopted instead?




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