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Share Your Experience in One of the Biggest Expat Surveys

17 September, 2013 10:36  Erin Erin

Expat Survey logo The Expat Survey Programme is hosting the most extensive independent global research programme ever conducted on expatriates. The survey seeks to gather information on why we move abroad and what we do once we are there. 

This information is useful to the people who have created a life abroad, the companies that maintain expat personnel, and those who wish to sell in the expat market. As we've found from such resources as the Infograph of the Expat Population, there are around 230 million people living abroad and the more we can learn about this population, the better. 

The purpose of the programme is to:

  • Form a clearer, in-depth picture of migratory trends and the reasons behind them.
  • Gain a more detailed understanding of lifestyle and consumer behaviour amongst expatriates and the media they respond to.
  • Raise awareness of the "expatriate market" and the opportunities it offers, including the products, services and media that specialise in servicing it.

The survey is taking place in three parts.

Migration & Lifestyle

Launched July 15th, 2013

Questions concerning where people are moving from and to; why and when they've moved; where people spend their time; and what media they consume and from where.

Retail & Finance

Launching September 20th, 2013

Questions concerning whether you work, or not, abroad; where disposable income is spent;  which brands are purchased; how banking is managed, etc.

Travel & Health

Launching November 5th, 2013

Questions concerning which destinations people visit; how people travel; how well-being is maintained abroad. 

Take part in the survey now to share your story and experience. Each section takes about 15 minutes. As an added incentive, participants are entered to win £1,000 cash (or opt to donate to charity).


For more questions about life abroad, refer to Easyexpat's many resources such as our comprehensive city guides, expat FAQ, job listings, classifieds and expat forum. You can also learn from expat stories on Blogexpat with expat blogs from around the world and our series of expat interviews.



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