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EasyExpat: Find Country Resources for Your Life Abroad

02 September, 2013 11:54  Erin Erin

easyexpat September means back to school for many people and we thought it was the perfect time to highlight the many resources of EasyExpat. Moving abroad requires a whole new education and our country specific guides will give you the information you need to graduate to Life Abroad with honors.

We have over 50 comprehensive city guides that cover everything from finding work, to the visa process, to the best places to meet-up in town. In addition, we provide Expat FAQ, classifieds, job listings, expat blogs, expat interviews, expat author interviews, blog awards and forums for users to share experiences, provide information and ask questions.

However, you may not be aware of all that we have on offer. That's why we will be featuring 20 of our most popular cities for each work day in September. We'll primarily be promoting the city guide, expat bloggers from the featured country, guest posts from expats who live there, and forum questions, meet-up requests etc. Follow our posts on social media (EasyExpat & BlogExpat Twitter, EasyExpat & BlogExpat Facebook, and LinkedIn) and share your favorite resources, blogs, and articles for us to promote. (Look for #ExpatTip to locate our posts and share your posts on the featured country).

Whether you are planning a move abroad, new to expat life, or an old pro, we have the tools to create or enhance your life abroad.

20 Featured Expat Cities 

london pdf

Guides are available online, and for free download. Look for what country we are featuring each day and stay tuned to our expat news and editor blogs (in French and English). You can also find how the site has developed, changed, and gotten better in our EasyExpat News Section

Have a resource we should know about? Let us know! Have an expat blog you would like featured? Add it here. Want to share your knowledge with the expat world? Share info in the expat forums or write a guest post (like 5 Tips for Learning French) about your life abroad for our services site, Expat-Quotes



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