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Infograph: Tallest Residential Buildings in the World

16 July, 2013 13:28  Erin Erin

Having the tallest building in the world is a place of honor, but one that most buildings only enjoy for a fleeting moment. New structures are ever-reaching further up into the sky, battling each other for top prize.

The current tallest residential building in the world is the

Princess Tower Dubai in the United Arab Emirates at

101 stories

413 meters (1,355 feet).

This surpasses the previous record-holder, 23 Marina, also in Dubai. The Q1, in Gold Coast, Australia also previously held the title, but is now only the fifth tallest. Better catch the current goliaths now as bigger and taller are being built every day. Take a look at the Movin on Up Infrograph:

Movin' On Up

Dubai is the high-rise champion as it is currently home to six of the ten tallest residential towers in the world. However, current buildings face stiff competition as three taller residential skyscrapers are under construction. The DAMAC Heights (Dubai), World One (Mumbai) and Pentominium (Dubai) are all clamoring for the current record holder's title. 

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