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Full update on the guide for expatriates in Montreal (and Quebec)

22 May, 2013 13:38  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Expat guide: Montreal, CanadaWe have now fully updated our guide for Montreal (and Québec). After London and Paris,  our Montreal guide has been fully reviewed and extended, and with 179 pages (PDF) of information you will read the most complete guide to prepare your expatriation to Canada (Québec) and to Montreal.

Some people in North America say, "If you can't go to Paris, go to Montréal". But that is unfair to a city that is great in it's own right. It combines the enchanting old world charm of Europe with innovation all of its own. The city is an eclectic mix of French, English, native, and immigrant roots into something which embodies the height of culture. The island metropolis has a world-class music scene, divine cuisine, and vibrant arts community. This city of duality equally embraces the old and the new.

Natives are incredibly proud of their bilingual city and immigrants from around the world are drawn to it's flame. Artists, university students, working professionals, and tourists all flock to the largest city (second largest metropolitan area) of Canada. The city is Canada's leading commercial, industrial, service, cultural, and intellectual center. Montréal just has "je ne sais quoi" (An intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive).

The economy of Montréal is the second largest in Canada (largest is Toronto) and the first in Québec. The city is a centre for commerce, industry, technology, culture, finance, and world affairs. Its economy is highly diversified with a strong French-speaking base. Many Francophone-owned corporations have headquarters there.


You will find the usual articles in our guide to prepare your expatriation to Montreal (and Quebec) and manage your life once in there: Overview, Job, Passport, Visa & Permits to go to Canada, International Removal Companies, Finding Accommodation in Montreal, Work, Benefits and Tax, Moving in, Education in Quebec/Canada, Health, Practical Life (banks, transport, shopping...), Entertainment...

You can also discuss and share experience in Montreal and Canada in our forum.

Last but not least, you can download the full guide in PDF format, in order to read quietly and maybe to upload on your mobile or tablet PC/iPad.


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