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Infograph: Expat Population of the World

17 May, 2013 09:00  Erin Erin

The word "expat" has been discussed at length, by us on ExpatsRadio, by expats, and by the world at large. What does the word mean? From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary,

Expat: an expatriate person

transitive verb
1. to withdraw (oneself) from residence in or allegiance to one's native country
intransitive verb
2. to leave one's native country to live elsewhere; also : to renounce allegiance to one's native country

While interesting, this doesn't really help illustrate what an expatriate looks like. Where do we live? How many of us are there? What makes us a group?

Feedbacq's latest infograph, World Expat Population – The Number, provides fascinating data about expats as a society and helps illuminate what being an expat means. 

Top 3 Highlights:

  • Total number of expats in the World: 230 Million!
  • If all the expats of the world were to form an imaginary country, it would be the 5th most populous country in the world.
  • The top recipient countries of expat remittances are India, China, Mexico, Philippines and Nigeria.

To hear more expat stories, explore expat blogs around the world, or follow along with our Content Manger's series "American Expats in the News".

What does the word mean "expat" to you? Do you use this word, or another? What do you find most interesting about this infograph? 



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