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An Introduction to the Move to America

23 April, 2013 11:44  Erin Erin

In a new series, we will be following the story of future expat Molly as she seeks to join her American husband in Ohio. At EasyExpat we try to provide you all the latest and greatest in Expat News and Resources, but sometimes a personal journey can best explain the unique challenges and triumphs involved in moving abroad. Meet Molly and follow along on her adventure in the Move to America.

molly move to america

My name is Molly and I am a soon-to-be UK expat to the US. I have my sights set on that move as without it I will not get to be with my husband (US citizen) and have the life I have waited so long for. It has been a very arduous time apart that has been filled with delays, form filling, evidence gathering and maintaining a long distance relationship.

We received approval for our spousal petition back in April 2012 and have been completing the last forms with the National Visa Center since August of the same year. There are still a few stages to get through (we have another form to finish submitting which leads to a medical and embassy interview). My husband and I do not know when we will finally get to be together as there is a minor delay in getting hold of one specific piece of information. We hope it will only be a few more months ... although experience has taught us not to focus too much on an expected date.

During all the waiting, I have been looking at and figuring out all the things I need to know/do for the move. This has proved quite a list and I hope to write some articles on these expat topics to share my experiences with others. Future articles will cover:

  • Financial Advice - What to sort out before the move and prepare for when finally in the US
  • Credit Issues - How to build it up as an unknown credit quantity in the US
  • Successful Networking - How to find or build a expat community
  • Discovering and Understanding Differences – Finding out how to navigate life within my new community
  • Homesickness – A personal story of how to cope with it and maintain relationships with family and friends back home

There may well be other ideas as I experience the build up to the final move. Have a suggestion for an article you would like to see? Leave a comment!


Follow along with more of Molly’s adventures on her blog, themovetoamerica.wordpress.com,  and leave a comment or question. Find other expat bloggers in the US or abroad in the BlogExpat Directory and find the best advice for you to move abroad with our comprehensive Expat City Guides.


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Thank you for your kind words! I am glad you enjoyed reading the introduction and my blog. I am thrilled you'll keep visiting it when you can. Have a great weekend too!

  Molly     26 Apr 2013, 07:56