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Expat Twitter Round-Up: November 19th 2012

19 November, 2012 10:42  Erin Erin

Twitter bird on globe Expats are a worldly crew, generally knowledgeable about the world around them from everyday happenings to major international news. We decided to collect some of the top tweets of the week for expats, travelers, and those interested in the global pulse.

Expat News

Why are British professionals moving abroad?...

How valuable is social networking to an expat? Very, according to @thesmartexpat!

Poor is the new rich in a new "Gangnam Style" parody video from an expat in #China

Top 10 ways to survive going home for the Holidays

15 strange facts about Thanksgiving

The Twinkie: Will it return as a Mexican expat?

An honest guide to working from home. #mmia

Sometimes the trailing spouse is a guy. If he's like my friend JB, he rocks it.

How to Make an Expat Food Blogger Happy...

An Irish Expat's Insight into Luang Prabang

AN EXPATRIATE TALE - JohnScherber's Blog - Blogster … When a house is not a home.

Teach English Abroad Directory - Summary of What to Expect around the world #TEFL #ESL

Congrats to Erik & Tiffany (and @MagpieBrewing) for being featured in an doc about #expat life in #Seoul:

Tweets from our Featured Bloggers

Expat in South of France
{New Post & NEW Country!} Having a Baby Abroad – Global Differences Series: New Zealand

Expat in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
A Table for One, An Introduction - #Expat #Travel #London #AquaKyoto #Budapest #Restaurant

Expat in Florence, Italy
Rome in November - a photo diary #travel #expat #Rome

Expat in Shizuoka, Japan
HOW TO: Search for an Apartment in Japan - Part 2

Expat in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Sinterklaas arrived safely in Holland today. But what if his journey had been a little more... challenging?

Expat in Madrid, Spain
Cantina Moctezuma: Mexican Food in Madrid

Expat in Taipei, Taiwan
Twit: Wow! So cheap! Amazing! Me: Little kids who are forced to work at sweatshops personally made that for you. (awkward silence)

Expat in Barcelona, Spain
Do you celebrate your homeland's holidays if you live abroad? Why or why not? #tbex #expat #travel #spain

Somewhere below the Equator
Identity, Traditions & Folklore in Bolivia: Saya Ceremony honoring Pachamama and blessing a new home

Expat in London, UK
65 fun London ideas with kids for those fed up of the museums and classical attractions:

Expat in Berlin, Germany
Is writing a parenting blog exploitation?

Expat in Andalucía, Spain
Five Things I've gotten better at since moving #abroad #expat

Expat in Luxembourg
Healthcare 'Special': a trip to the doct...

Expat in South Africa
what kind of #expat are you?

Expat in Italy
On the Air!

Expat in Whitby, Ontario
Same language, different ballgame...

Expat in Bangkok
New post: Elephant trekking in Chiang Mai #elephants #trekking #ChiangMai

Expat in Spain Expat gift ideas to avoid excess baggage this Christmas

Expat in Slovakia
Read about Piestany, the Spa City #travel #Slovakia

Expat in Hebei, China
First thing someone said to me on my first day back at work after 3 weeks at home trying to fix my back...You're fatter! #chinaproblems





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