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The Traveling Expat - Top Countries for Travel in 2013

13 November, 2012 14:28  Erin Erin

Old suitcase © rimglow - FotoliaAs 2012 winds down, some people look forward to holiday cheer, while other people are simply on the hunt for where to go next. The fall season is actually a great time to plan your travel for 2013. Lonely Planet's list of Best in Travel 2013 offers travel tips for the coming year. Read up, get excited, and let's travel.

Best Countries for Travel in 2013

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is always a top destination and this year may be your last chance to see the city before it is overrun by upcoming event. The World Cup will be held throughout Brazil in 2014 and the Olympic Games will take place in 2016. Go now to see the best of the city before the costs rise. The recently upgraded Estádio do Maracanã will be among the highlights.

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Gothenburg, Sweden

Scandinavian countries offer both beauty and expense. High price tags on everything from transportation to lodging to entertainment prevent many people from venturing north. However, Gothenburg offers the charms of Sweden for some of the best prices in Scandinavia.

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Botswana draws in travelers from around the world looking for big game with neighboring Namibia often overlooked. Travel to this desert state for wonders like Etosha National Park, the Skeleton Coast, and affordable adventure.

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Cambodia is a budget traveler's paradise. It remains off most tourist maps and provides some of the most beautiful spots in the world like Angkor Archaeological Park, and some of the most devastating history like the killing fields.

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This is South America's best-value option with cheap public transport, truly delicious street food, and fascinating culture. Travel to La Paz, Uyuni, and the Altiplanos for unforgettable experiences.

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Portland, Oregon, USA

A current hipster capital of the United States, Portland combines micro-breweries, inventive dining experiences, and fashionable lodging. Plus the city is a great starting point for discovering the beautiful surroundings of the Pacific Northwest.

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Although Spain is facing a number of domestic problems with high unemployment and a changing financial system, it is still an international tourist destination. The country is more affordable than it has been for years and the country continues to offer anything you could want.

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Slovenia is easily maneuverable, affordable, and simply picture-perfect. Capitol city Ljubljana, postcard-worthy Bled and the coast can all satisfy your travel needs.

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Nepal is a burgeoning site for gorgeous budget travel. Meals and accommodation are usually low frills, low price, and high authenticity. This is one of the best spots to launch some Himalayan hiking.

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Georgia rarely makes on to most travelers radars - but ti should. A beautiful, friendly country with inexpensive cuisine like the delectable khachapuri (cheese pie). The country is actively seeking tourists, making a great place to get more than you pay for.

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Travel Tips

Consider the Timing

High times for travel mean more people and higher prices. This may be a necessary evil if it is important for you to spend time with family back home for Christmas, or lounge on the beach in summer. Do your research on travel trends and weigh the additional costs with the value of spending time where you want to be.

Don't Forget about Visas

The un-sexiest part of travel is the paperwork. But it is of vital importance. Improper visa planning and application is the worst way to wipe-out your travel plans. Research visa requirements early in trip planning, and apply early. Use EasyExpat's City Guides for complete information on traveling abroad, including visa info.

Have questions that aren't being answered by official resources? Network with expats and travelers on the forum to get personal advice. Their experience can help you avoid costly mistakes, or share your story to help out fellow travelers.

Consider your Options

Explore transportation and accommodation alternatives. Today's travel options are innumerable and by understanding your choices, you can engage in offbeat and fulfilling opportunities.

Take Care of the Money

You've finally done it! You are out on the world traveling...until you run out of bucks, euro, pounds, dinero. It is no fun to run out of money. That's why it is important to recognize the need to save money when you can, spend when you have to, and even earn money on the road.

Research Local Norms

One of the best things about travel is that it takes you out of the norm and shakes up your world. As much as we travel to do something different, this can be wildly disconcerting. Don't let it ruin your trip! Prepare yourself for differences in social etiquette and standards and embrace the change.

For 2013, it is up to you to go forth and TRAVEL!


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