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Top 9 Countries to Raise Your Child

17 October, 2012 09:51  Erin Erin

A baby girl in her snow suit and a warm hat in Canada © tatykud - Fotolia.comHSBC International specializes in collecting data from around the globe and finding the best places to live, make money, and have a happy life. Their fifth annual Expat Survey use a unique combination of factors (cost of living, education, safety) to find the best countries to raise your expat kid.

For expat families, an important consideration when moving abroad is the happiness of the children. Lisa Wood, head of marketing for HSBC Expat says "Expats with children will obviously be putting their children's needs at the forefront of their relocation decision. For many expat parents, the knowledge that their children will be able to easily integrate into their new community will outweigh any potential increase in earnings and saving potential when moving."

Top Spots for Kids

1. Canada

Canada ranks on top for the best place to raise a child. It is the cheapest place to raise a kid, in the top four for safety, education, and child care, one of the best places for kids to play sports, and ranks on top for quality time spent with parents and away from the TV. Most impressively, 97 percent of expat parents in Canada say their kids enjoy living there.


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