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A new header for our expat sites

22 September, 2012 20:02  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Following the release of our new format for at the beginning of the month, we are now implementing a new header on our series of Expat websites.

Smaller and cleaner, it aims at reflecting the expat experience with a skyline made with some of the most iconic buildings accross the globe.

Just as a reminder for some frequent visitor, or as a bit of fun comparison for new-comers we are displaying below old (left) and new (right) layouts. :-) - old header - new header - new header

Travel Expat

Expat Travel - old header Expat Travel - new header


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New Header [Reply]

I like the new header- it's smaller and cleaner than the old one. Lovely!

  Emily     25 Sep 2012, 10:30