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New browsing experience with EasyExpat.com

05 September, 2012 16:29  EasyExpat EasyExpat

EasyExpat.com has been re-formatted!

EasyExpat.com: new home pageSome people take advantage of the summer fo a bit of house-cleaning. We decided to prepare a full shake-up of EasyExpat.com to improve your browsing experience with a reorganisation of our sections.

The redesign allows you to better access the information most important to your life as an expat.


EasyExpat allows you to find all the information you need to excel as an expat or traveller. Read about which countries have the most vacation days, access our 50+ complete city guides, find job listings for Paris, read about expat life on blogs for Argentina, get answers to UK immigration question on the forum, or find a reputable international mover through our services. We want this site to provide all the answers to many questions that come with being an expat.

Internal page of EasyExpat.com

And if you want to see all previous versions of EasyExpat.com, you can find them in our previous article.

What do you think? Comments, suggestions, or even compliments are welcome!


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