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Which Countries Have the Most (& Least) Vacation Days?

31 August, 2012 16:18  Erin Erin

Palm-tree and beach - FotoliaAs summer draws to a close for the Northern hemisphere, and the Southern hemisphere gears up for the warmer months, you may be longing for more vacation days. Some of us are luckier than others. Countries like the Untied States are notorious for it's lack of vacation time, but some surprising places aren't much better. And what are the best countries for vacation time?


Top 10

Bottom 10

*USA - The U.S. is the only developed country without a federal mandate for a minimum number of vacation days. It also honors only 10 public holidays a year, a number that's below the global average. These numbers reflect typical practice among large U.S. firms.


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         EasyExpat on

I love to Finland for holiday [Reply]

I believe Finland people will be happy for they are living in finland rather than USA

flyzoi     03 Sep 2012, 14:22