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Full update on the guide for expatriates in London

08 June, 2012 11:01  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Expat guide: London, United Kingdom2012 had a big start as we have fully updated our most popular guide: London (and England). With 185 pages (PDF) of information you will read the most complete guide to prepare your expatriation to England and the UK capital.

London has been a destination for almost as long as it's been a city. It has attracted visitors, expats, and business from every continent with it's attractions, people, opportunities, and vibrant atmosphere. It is within the city that you can hear "the Queen's English", the rhymes of cockney, and even the sing-songy accents of Indian English. The city is a combination of everything you know about England and on the edge of what is happening around the world. It is both a city of history, and a city of tomorrow.

London is the vibrant heart of England and the United Kingdom. It is the capital, largest metropolitan area, and global destination. Located in the south east corner of the country, the city lies within the bowl of the London Basin. The center of the basin is dominated by the river Thames (pronounced like Tems) which forms a corridor running from west to east. The largest river of the London area, it is a major geographic feature.

Although London's largest industry is finance as the city has many banks, brokers, insurers and legal and accounting firms, these are far from the only headquarters in London. More than half of the UK's top 100 listed companies and over 100 of Europe's 500 largest companies are headquartered in central London. Over 70 percent of the FTSE 100 are located within London's metropolitan area, and 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies have offices in London.


You will find the usual articles in our guide to prepare your expatriation to London and manage your life once in there: Overview, Job, Passport, Visa & Permits to go to the UK, International Removal Companies, Finding Accommodation in London, Work, Benefits and Tax, Moving in, Education in England, Health, Practical Life (banks, transport, shopping...), Entertainment...

You can also discuss and share experience in London and England (UK) in our forum.

Last but not least, you can download the full guide in PDF format, in order to read quietly and maybe to upload on your mobile or tablet PC/iPad.


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