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Expat Twitter Round-Up: 30th April 2012

30 April, 2012 08:40  Erin Erin

Twitter bird on globe Expats are a worldly crew, generally knowledgeable about the world around them from everyday happenings to major international news. We decided to collect some of the top tweets of the week for expats, travelers, and those interested in the global pulse.

Expat News

When was the last time you visited a local sight? http://bit.ly/HZJDIm

My 5 Reasons I DO NOT like living in #Dubai http://www.expatfocus.com/c/aid=450/columnists/zvezdana-rashkovich/5-reasons-i-do-not-like-living-in-dubai/#.T4uXmPujAEI.facebook #expats

Looking for a new #home abroad? We have some suggestions - http://ow.ly/9OgA9

How to help your kids get excited about a move in 10 minutes http://dld.bz/bvGZc #expat #tcks #relocation

On Expat Relocation: Culture Shock http://fb.me/B0ZgbMTu

Writers Abroad radio show 38 – I talk to a PR pro about Book Promotion http://bit.ly/IuIKrE

Cannabis tourism up in smoke? Judge backs foreigner café ban http://ind.pn/K6CxH8

New and fragrant! #Gardening in Shanghai and Other Indoor Sports | A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai http://www.ephemeraanddetritus.com/2012/04/27/gardening-in-shanghai-and-other-indoor-sports/

Whoops! Forgot to tweet about my Guide to Surviving School Holidays!! On GertiesDictums: http://gertiesdictums.blogspot.com/?m=0

Top 5 alternatives to GEMA-blocked YouTube in Germany - and why Germany's such an important battleground http://t.co/6GvWMdKs

'Niggas in Paris' Used in Campaign Ad of French Presidential Candidate François Hollande http://gaw.kr/cbYF

My Expat Life in the Netherlands: Pros and Cons | InsegoTips - http://t.co/T9rxnqDd

*NEW* The dwarf army or Wroclaw (Poland) http://www.backpacksandbunkbeds.co.uk/poland/the-dwarves-or-wroclaw/ #ttot #heybackpacker #eurotravel #traintravel

Do you manage to fight cleanly when people push your buttons? How? On the blog: Mad cows, Noah's ark and fighting dirty http://bit.ly/JcIWKU

Rooftop camping in NYC, touring a particle accelerator, visiting the hair museum - How are you spending Obscura Day? http://ow.ly/azocW #lp

Know someone who's traveling to Italy in May? We want them for our show #TripFlip! Details & application here: http://trvl.ch/axPt8

New: A Polish in Love with Costa Rica: The Story of Rafal Cezary Piechocinski: Like a teenager in love for the ... http://bit.ly/K0rT4t

[new blog post] Pascal Beillevaire Fromagerie in Paris http://tinyurl.com/6r78tjq

Tweets from our Featured Bloggers

Expat in the Netherlands
Tomorrow the craziness starts - Queens Day: http://www.invadingholland.com/the-koninginnedag-guide/

Expat in Hebei, China
**NEW Post** My Thug Life: Getting Shot At In #China http://wp.me/p1gDo1-bW #crimewave

Expat/traveller in Europe
Travel beyond tourism, visiting Palestinian refugee camp Bourj El Shamali in Lebanon http://ow.ly/ayN3Y #travel #photo

Expat/traveller in South America
**New**- POOLS http://bit.ly/JH9jOA #FriFotos #ttot

Expat in SYdney, Australia
*NEW POST* Finding Love When You Least Expect It | In Search of a Life Less Ordinary http://ow.ly/awTgK #sydney #love #expat

Expat in Malta
New Post! Canada vs. Malta: The Bedroom. http://awe.sm/5larj A room by room tour of the Maltese home before our big @HHI_on_HGTV episode!

Expat in Munich, Germany
New blog post: http://www.zurika.com/2012/04/austria-moors-and-more-from-burgenland.html Art, food, lakes, and oxen in #Burgenland, Austria.

Expat in transition from Brazil to Scotland
New post: This is Goodbye - It's over. The apartment is empty, the accounts are closed and we've said all of our goo... http://ow.ly/1j6pMK

Expat in Doha, Qatar
We'll do healthy tomorrow; today we're doing the best #donut in #Doha http://bit.ly/IpxnAr

Expat in Beijing, China
New post: Less common tips for first-time visitors to China - http://j.mp/JAIj3J

Expat in Moldova
Turkish pancakes: Not like Dutch ones: http://wp.me/pWIVP-jt #expatlife #food

Expat in Germany
on le blog today: why you should eat, eat, eat when travelling #food #culture #travel http://a-biglife.com/2012/04/25/eat-it-creates-cultural-understanding/

Expat in Hanoi, Vietnam
Blog post I wrote last night. On summer, sweating, power cuts and iced drinks and all of that stuff: http://bit.ly/JEC25i #hanoi #vietnam

Expat in Delhi, India
Life & Lentils: Hanging with an elephant http://lifeandlentils.blogspot.com/2012/04/hanging-with-elephant.html?spref=tw

Expat in Mozambique
Edinburgh: Much more than just the castle! http://wp.me/pMJdr-16z

Expat in San Francisco
Savour the Flavour - Attributes and Acquisitions from Around the Globe - http://goo.gl/duUdX




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Another expat on Twitter [Reply]

Great list!

I'm a recent American expat living in Amsterdam. Just getting started on Twitter.

  Emilygv     30 Apr 2012, 12:39

Thanks for stopping by! [Reply]

We enjoy following expat news & are happy to share it. To possibly be included in the round-up you should add your expat blog to BlogExpat: http://www.blogexpat.com/en/add-blog.htm

What's your Twitter name? Best of luck in your expat adventures!

  Erin Porter     30 Apr 2012, 13:28