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What do Expats Say?

16 March, 2012 10:26  Erin Erin

It may seem like the "Sh*t Girls Say" videos have run their course. They probably have. But a new crop of "Sh*t Expats Say" have proved entertaining and surprisingly accurate. From expat Berliners to women to things an expat would never say, take a look at what expats are saying.

Sh*t Expats Say

Sh*t Expat Berliners Say

Sh*it Expat Women Say

Sh*t Expats [in Shanghai] Never Say

Sh*t Expat Students Say

Is it surprising that complaints are common among expat groups, no mater their location? I don't think so. Issues of dislocation are the same no matter the geography. And while we may laugh about the pecularities of our adopted cultures, we are there because we want to be (most days).

 So watch, laugh, and listen.



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