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Happy New Year 2012

01 January, 2012 00:00  EasyExpat EasyExpat


StarWe wish you all a very happy year 2012!Star

We have continued to work hard to make more information available for expatriates on our sites.

Major new features and improvements in 2011 were:

  • Automatic translation for the Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ). Read the full changes HERE.
  • You can download all articles of each city-guide in one single PDF booklet, with a special layout, additional maps and photos for FREE. Read the full story HERE.
  • New service for expats: our network of expatriates. You can make contacts with expatriates living near you and even browse by nationalities. Read the full changes HERE.
  • Plenty of more guides and translations: Oslo, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Vienna, Edinburgh, Prague, Beijing, Berlin, Zurich, Auckland, Moscow, Cairo...etc

We have now made available more than 50 guides for your expatriation in the city of your choice. In 2012, we will concentrate on updating the guides, with a full rewrite of some of the most visited but also oldest guides.

Our sister website dedicated to expat blogs launched Blog Expat interviews: a standard format in which expat can be as funny, informative, and/or honest as they want about life as an expat and share their experience abroad, answering a few questions.

We remind you that EasyExpat.com is on Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to become fan of the page with the Like button and to tweete our news.

If you have nice photos from your expat life that you want to share, you can post your photos on our Flickr pages.

Last but not least, feel free to register to our monthly newsletter (sent in English and in French).

Our other solutions:

Once again, happy new year 2012 with EasyExpat!


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happy new years

  sam     05 Jan 2012, 07:44