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Expat Twitter Round-Up: 5th December 2011

05 December, 2011 11:01  Erin Erin

Expats are a worldly crew, generally knowledgeable about the wTwitter bird on globeorld around them from everyday happenings to major international news. We decided to collect some of the top tweets of the week for expats, travelers, and those interested in the global pulse.

Expat News

No place like home for the holidays - but what if u don't know where "home" is? http://t.co/jv4ADyNm #expat #travel #relocation #Christmas

Confused in Cairo: An Egyptian expat goes home to vote http://t.co/Ri0lC3eI

Expat rescues stray dogs in Beijing: In Beijing, it's common for an entire neighborhood to be demol... http://t.co/5bZSIaP7

What expats should be thankful for http://t.co/9Sj85Avc

Japa Times guide to an expat Christmas http://t.co/7HcypLGw #visitJapan for a different Christmas

Why Israel's expat campaign offended so many US Jews ow.ly/1fYPOB

How to Avoid Being an Expat Statistic: So Why Else Do Expats Give Up And Head For Home? Having covered th... http://bit.ly/slrbsw #expat

LLW Blog: One Child Policy — the great pro-life/pro-choice unifier? http://t.co/VTvLeSkL

Working as an expat for a Company in Saudi Arabia: As a western Expat living and working in Saud... http://t.co/husEhpbV #hubpages #hubs

Egyptian Foreign Ministry Hands Expat Votes to Election Committee bit.ly/vWcFDl #Egypt #Egyelections #Aswatmasriya

A survival guide to #Sinterklaas - http://t.co/ybzCSMof #Expat

The Horror of Attending #Expat #Christmas Fayres tinyurl.com/6oc895x #Spain

US #expats and the IRS. . . Yes, you have to file. ow.ly/7KsW1

belated #followfriday for @kbairokeeffe for stimulating posts on what it means to be an #expat writer, like this one: http://t.co/dR4kkSvk

Tweets from our Featured Bloggers

Expat in Berlin, Germany
Travel Inspirations: Lesia and Wendy - Two Jamaican Girls Taking on Europe nblo.gs/qVujp

Expat in Australia
How to buy a car in Australia - su.pr/1l6MuI #Australia #car #driving #roadtrip #ttot

Expat in Tokyo, Japan
LATEST BLOG POST: What We've Learned by Living Abroad wp.me/p16yh3-v8 **monumental** thanks to everyone. You've gotta read this ppl!

Expat in Hungary/France
Finding the Perfect #French #Baguette, a Master Baker adventure! tinyurl.com/dy48acx #Capestangbakeries

Expat in Beira, Mozambique
The time an old lady told me to “F*ck off” from her country nblo.gs/qJEe5

Expat in Singapore
NEW POST: California, here we come. goo.gl/boQZR #expat

Expat in Bodrum, Turkey
Perking the Pansies, Unwrapped: The book cover for Perking the Pansies is done. As threatened... goo.gl/fb/FhBz9

Expat in Costa Rica
Costa Rican Christmas Tamales - Every good Tico eats tamales... su.pr/7rZfLr #Cultural_Events #Culture #Featured #Food #Traditions





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