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Expat Twitter Round-Up: 31st october 2011

31 October, 2011 09:00  Erin Erin

Twitter bird on globe

Expats are a worldly crew, generally knowledgeable about the world around them from everyday happenings to major international news. We decided to collect some of the top tweets of the week for expats, travelers, and those interested in the global pulse.

Expat News

Fun BBC tool for #7billion: how many people were alive when you wr born? bbc.in/uhPVxX complement to OECD BLI bit.ly/BLindex

UK Government Considers Changes to Expat Voting Rules expatinfodesk.com/news/2011/10/1... #expat #UK

What would be the likely trigger for a country leaving the euro? #EuroBreakupFAQs: bit.ly/qMWBDP

What not to do in a new city - These five suggestions — part insider information, part concerned parent — will make ... ow.ly/1fjdl2

The expat dilemma bit.ly/tvhHpH

I love some of the cheap airlines! Here is a lil explanation as to why they are so cheap: [INFOGRAPHIC] goo.gl/j1ezT

Top Five #Budget Travel iPad and iPhone Apps ht.ly/784a9 #travel #LP #ttot

Calling All Writers: Share your Inspirational Travels nblo.gs/p0bqZ

Tweets from our Featured Bloggers

Expat in Kathmandu
Capturing Nepal's festival of lights, Tihar, and how it makes us feel like we are living inside a Christmas tree. bit.ly/vRdvAJ

Expat in Ontario, Canada
An excerpt from a piece I wrote for Expat Arrivals on Canada's Weather - What it's REALLY like... wp.me/p1J9Lk-qg

Expat in Saitama, Japan
NEW POST: carolinejosephine.com/2011/10/fall-c… Fall colors in my wardrobe!

Expat in Madrid, Spain
Yay! Support for #entrepreneurs in #Spain! This is great. Viva #Chamberi Valley! ow.ly/79bIw

Expat in Lae, Papua New Guinea
Go pinis: No, it's not a catchcry for the cheerleaders in the porn industry. it means "go finish', and that's... bit.ly/mWejOW

Expat in Haute-Garonne, France
My musings on Lotos in rural France amotherinfrance.blogspot.com/2011/10/loto-i...

Expat in Mexico City
One the blog: Super 8 Love tumblr.com/ZI8zFyB6luCT

Expat in Vejle, Denmark
Thoughts from 2am and a recipe for Apple Cider. abelleabroad.blogspot.com/2011/10/on-sle...

Expat in Baltimore, USA
How two writers met in Cyberspace and wrote a book - goo.gl/yb66z

Expat in Singapore
NEW POST: The Good Beer Company in Chinatown Complex goo.gl/aulgN @GoodBeerSG #beer #chinatown #singapore

Expat in Germany
NEW POST: A Guide to not-Cinque Terre tinyurl.com/5suglbg

Expat in Valencia, Spain
Today's post on Not Hemingway's Spain: "The Hemingway Paradigm Is… Dark eyes, dark hair, thick lisp" - goo.gl/XOKFK





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