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INTERVIEW: Greg Granier - French Lover for Dummies

12 April, 2011 12:48  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Greg Granier - French Lover for Dummies - Official visual"French Lover for Dummies" is a stand up comedy show by Greg Granier,
every Friday and saturday@7Pm , theatre La Cible, 62B rue JB Pigalle, 75009 Paris

What is the show?

A One man show in english in Paris for english speaking people, Tourist, and expats, all you ever wanted to know about French Lover all around the world! the advantages: you ll get a show, You ll laugh a lot, and you get a training to become the ultimate French lover!!! another advantage is that we don't have much shows in english in Paris... it would be great to develop this sector...

Can you talk a bit about the comedian?

Greg Granier is a 30 years old commedian, who has run now 4 one man shows in paris and all over france, and now starting a show in english because he did all his studies in international section with a lot of expats children... beside of that he also works as a seduction coach.

Can you give us the pitch of the show?

All over the world you sure heard at least once about the french lovers... But what gives him this reputation ???

That's what you'll discover on this crazy interactive training, where you'll be the students !!!

Greg Granier SHOW #3What do the perfect french man and woman look like ? How did cavemen flirt at the Grottes de Lascaux ?

The ten commandments of the perfect first date, How to master the Pépé le pew technique, and many surprises to make you the ultimate lover "french style" !!!

If you're single, you won't be for long... if you are a couple, you will spice up your love life...

If you are a couple of couples, well you will enjoy the after show party ...

If you are one of Greg's ex-girlfriend... please don't sit on the first row...

PS: Everything that's said in this show is real, but the production of show will decline responsability if it does not work for you..

What is the profile of audience?

English speaking people from 14 years to 99 years who like sexy humour.

I also run this show in french: "La drague pour les nuls" which is playing for a year now in paris and all over france... if you are willing to learn french: feel free to come!

What advantages/discounts could you offer to our readers?

I offer special price tickets for EasyExpat's users: 10€ instead of 16€ and 10 invitations that can be win on a contest... (just mention it when buying)






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