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Coolest Nationalities

03 February, 2011 14:48  Erin Erin

Brasil © Eli Coory - FotoliaOf course your country is cool! You live there after all. Either adopted, or the country of your birth, every place on earth has something to be proud of. But, is your country the coolest?

Maybe this depends on how many cool people reside in a country? Maybe it's determined by the quality of nightlife? Does the title belong to those nations that are the best dressed? Is Switzerland's political neutral status cool?

Maybe it is all these things....and a little something extra. Something cool.

Cool Country Count-Down

12. Turks
It may be surprising that the Turkish are on the list, but the country is cosmopolitan with a rich cultural heritage. Located on two continents, Istanbul hosts some of the best nightlife on both side of the Bosphorus.
Icon of cool: Mahir Cagri, an internet phenomenon, is believed to have inspired Sasha Baron Cohen's "Borat". "I kiss you"!
Not so cool: A passion for mustaches and toilets that have Westerns feeling decidedly not cool.

11. Belgians
Little 'ole Belgian is officially cool...according to this list. And it should be! Have you heard of Belgian beer? How about Belgian chocolate? Pretty cool.
Cool icon: Herman Van Rompuy, the former prime minister and current EU president has taken up poetry.
Not so cool: Belgium has recently faced a political crisis that has left it without a government for months.

10. Nepalese
People come from all over the world to climb their mountains. For many Nepalese, climbing Everest is just a Wednesday.
Icon of cool: Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of Mt. Everest before Sir Edmund Hillary, but Hillary got the credit.
Not so cool: Difficult entry requirements make visiting tough. Apparently they are keeping their coolness all to themselves.

9. Chinese
A population of more than one billion means that statistically there has to be a lot of cool people in China. The country is developing faster than anyone really knows and is destined for one place- cool.
Icon of cool: A homeless man, Brother Sharp, has become an Internet fashion sensation. Weird and wonderful.
Not so cool: Lack of personal privacy is decidedly uncool.

8. Botswanans
These residents of Africa have created their own gumba-gumba jazz and hip-hop. It is also home to Africa's largest elephant population which wander freely, as the country does not fence in its wild animals.
Icon of cool: Mpule Kwelagobe was crowned Miss Universe in 1999 and has worked tirelessly for HIV/AIDS awareness.
Not so cool: Despite Ms. Kwelagobe's best efforts, the country still has the worst HIV/AIDS infection rates in the world.

7. Japanese
The kids are running wild! Really. Japan's younger population seem like the most spontaneous, edgy, fashion forward people on the planet.
Icon of cool: While the youth claim the prize as a group, former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama is the epitome of classic style.
Not so cool: Many of Japan's people still suffer from mass conformity.

8. Spain
The site of the ideal summer home for many Europeans, Spain is a Spaniards home year-round. Sun, sea, siestas and sangria are the recipe for a happy life.
Icon of cool: Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz may have become international stars in America, but both hail from Spain.
Not so cool: Pasty tourists cover the Spaniards beautiful beaches.

5. Americans
That Americans made the list is a surprise, even to many Americans. But as the birthplace of rock and roll, Hollywood films, great American novels, blue jeans, New York City, and Texas charm, America is impossible to ignore.
Icon of cool: Johnny Depp. Even though he has truly gone international, this is a Kentucky boy at his roots.
Not so cool: Oh boy, there's a list. Pre-emptive military strikes, consumerism, terrible math and science scores, Walmart planet-polluting, arms-bearing Americans.

4. Mongolians
You don't hear much about Mongolia. Apparently that is our loss. "Nomadic cowboy"s who participate in throat singing, pet eagles and yurt construction.
Icons of cool: Actress Khulan Chuluun, who played Ghengis Khan's wife in the film "Mongol".
Not so cool: Yak-based dairy products are served frequently. An acquired taste?

3. Jamaicans
Jamaica is the birthplace of Rastafarian, the most relaxed religion ever invented. Not to mention giving the world reggae. Thanks Jamaica!
Icon of cool: Jimmy Cliff, singer of "Harder They Come" and you got to note the legendary Bob Marley.
Not so cool: Getting murdered is definitely not cool and Jamaica has a tragically high murder rate and widespread homophobia.

2. Singaporeans
The average Singaporean is more computer savvy than your average Joe making the city geek central- in a good way. Their Twitter population is on their way to ruling the world.
Icon of cool: Lim Ding Wen is a child prodigy that could program in six computer languages at age nine.
Not so cool: While everyone is working away on the computer, the population has stagnated. the government has actually stepped in to try to make sex cool again.

1. Brazilians
Number one on the list should not be a surprise. Samba, Rio carnival, Copacabana Beach, Pele and Ronaldo, Brazilian wax and the swimsuits that go with it....Brazilians are sexy, laid-back, party-loving cool.
Icon of cool: Seu Jorge covers David Bowie in Portuguese which equals hot. Or cool, depending on your preference.
Not so cool: Keep that countryside jungle! The world's lust for Brazilian beef and coco has led to rampant rain forest destruction.

Disclaimer: If your country didn't make the cut- don't be mad at EasyExpat! Innocent CNN Go originally put together this list of coolitude. If your country isn't on there, get out there and start one-man Cool Revolution. Cool


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