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FAQ system improved

21 January, 2011 16:50  EasyExpat EasyExpat

FAQ icon on EasyExpat.comOur list of Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) has been improved to include automatic translation of all the FAQs in the language you are currently browsing on

Until recently, each FAQ (question/answer) was displayed in the language it was originally written, whichever the language you were browsing in. Thus, you could see some FAQs in French while you where looking for information in English, for instance.

Now all FAQs will be displayed in the language that you are browsing. When a FAQ is written in an other language but automatically translated, you will see the icon icon: translate beside the FAQ title.

If you click on those FAQ, the screen will display: This article was translated by an automatic system, ie without any human intervention.

Example here:

FAQ screenshot

A little flag will always indicate the language of the original text, and you can click on it to go directly to the page and read the original article.

Of course this new functionality does not mean that we consider that machines can replace human translations, but we think it might help some of you to find more easily pieces of information with EasyExpat in your own language, with the possibility to direct you quickly to the correct source provided.


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