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List your participation and see your favourite pages at a glance in your myExpat area

17 November, 2010 12:31  EasyExpat EasyExpat

We have completed the specific services provided to our member with myExpat. myExpat screenshot

MyExpat is the private area of Easy Expat, for members only. On this page you can:

> Bookmark your favourite pages

You can find thousands of pages on EasyExpat: topics on the forums but also articles about cities, classifieds, expat jobs, FAQs and links.

You can manage your own list of favourite articles, pages on the forums and all the other pages of EasyExpat. In order to add a page to this list, you just need to click on the image: Add this topic to your bookmarks on MyExpat at the bottom of each page. You can always check your list on your MyExpat page.

It cannot be easier to tag a page: on any page, find the Add this topic to your bookmarks on MyExpat at the bottom, and the tag will automatically be registered with its title (you can review and add a description).

> Keep track of your posts

It gives you the opportunity to keep track of

  • the comments you may leave at the bottom of articles in our guides,
  • the classifieds you posted or
  • your job listing (either the offers or your CV)
  • and last but not least of course a link to your profile and your messages on the forums.

A unique and easy login interface

When you are a member of, you can write messages on the forums, post a classified, upload your CV or post job offers in our job listing section, write comments with your experience and tips at the bottom of articles in our guides.

We have also made the login process easier by providing a login interface for those already registered but not logged in when they visit Each time you need to be logged in, for example to post a comment, asmall ad or a job offer, you will see the login box if needed.


If you are not a member of and want to enjoy our services, participate to the discussions with the community, and share your experience register for free here.

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