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HSBC look at expat finance, experience and raising a family abroad in 2010

11 November, 2010 12:58  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Expat family - © Fotolia.comHSBC has released some results of its 2010 survey: Expat Explorer 2010.

Expat Explorer, now in its third year, continues to deliver an insight into expat life around the globe. 4,127 expats in over 100 countries were surveyed in 2009, making it the largest expat survey. Two years ago EasyExpat.com published the result of the survey 2008, and in 2009 we published the Halifax report on British expatriates.

The survey is divided into 3 reports: 

  1. Expat Economics
  2. Expat Experience
  3. Offshore Offspring

Expat Economics is the first report to be released from this year's Expat Explorer survey and looks at expats' financial aspects, determined by four main factors:

  • Annual income in excess of US$200,000
  • A monthly disposable income in excess of US$3,000
  • A measure of defined luxuries (such as owning either more than one property, a boat/yacht, going on more luxurious holidays or a swimming pool).
  • An increase in saving while living/working abroad (in their current country of residence)

Expat Experience is the second report from the 2010 Expat Explorer survey and looks into expats' experiences of integrating into local society, as well as their quality of life in comparison to where they used to live. In this report, expats' rated accommodation, food, health, hobbies and more. They also rated the relative ease in which they were able to do the following in their new country of residence:

  • Organising schools for their children
  • Setting up finance, healthcare and other utilities
  • Finding somewhere to live
  • Learning the local language
  • Making expat and local friends.

Offshore Offspring will be the third and final report from the 2010 Expat Explorer survey and looks into the benefits and challenges of bringing up children while living and working abroad and finds the best expat locations to raise a family. In this report, expats rated the ease for them to raise a family abroad, including:

  • Standard of education available for their child
  • Quality of childcare provisions
  • Cost of raising a child
  • Ease of integration for their child


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