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Top festivals around the world this November

02 November, 2010 14:00  EasyExpat EasyExpat

The clock’s moving back, the days are getting shorter, the jackets are getting thicker and winter’s back in most of the northern hemisphere. But the festivities continue on all around the world. Here’s a round up of some of the major festivals and events from around the world this November.

Day of the Dead, Mexico

2nd November, 2010
While most remembrances of the dead are accompanied by a somber ceremony, the ‘Day of the Dead’ is celebrated with much gusto and exuberance in Mexico.  The ancient Mexican rituals suggest that the living can still communicate with the dead and this communication happens on November 2nd which ties in with the ‘All Souls Day’. To celebrate the endless life of the soul, joyous festivities take place across the country. One to join in for a different take on life.

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Guy Fawkes Day, UK

5th November, 2010
Also called ‘Bonfire Night’, this uniquely British celebration is an old tradition marked by fireworks displays and huge public bonfires all across UK. It normally occurs on November 5th and extends into the weekends before and after the date. For some of the best Bonfire Night spectacles, head to Carlisle, Rye in Sussex or Caldicott Castles. For more information on the history and other great locations to catch the bonfires, check the link below.

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International Dance Theatres Festival - Lublin, Poland

10th -14th November, 2010
Combining art and dance, this unique festival is a place where classical meets contemporary, and art meets musicians. From avant-garde music compositions to live co-operations between dancers and musicians during shows, dance workshops to photo exhibitions, expect nothing less than excellence throughout the International Festival.

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Pirates Week Festival - Cayman

11th – 21st November, 2010
A blend of active, culinary, heritage and fun activities for the entire family, this is Cayman’s world famous festival. For 11 days, fireworks displays, street dances and Caribbean rhythms punctuate the air. Then, on the first Saturday, a mock ‘pirate invasion’  takes place. Complete with two, old time sailing vessels loaded with pirates, the ships land at the George Town Harbour and a good natured party that’s truly one of its kind kicks off through the night.

Womad - La Palmas de Gran Canaria

11th – 14th November, 2010
A celebration of music and dance, this is a festival for adults and children alike. Treat your ears to instruments from around the world, discover new dances at the dance workshops, get your little ones to participate at the children’s workshops and processions and enjoy the natural beauty of La Palmas at this four day extravaganza.

Pushkar Camel Fair - Rajasthan, India

12th – 21st November, 2010
For those looking for an exotic experience, it doesn’t get better than the Pushkar Camel Fair. Held every November at the time of the Kartika Poornima or the full moon, this epic fair attracts over 300,000 people and 20,000 camels, cattle and horses. It’s one of the few opportunities left to experience a grand fair bringing together villagers, livestock, farmers and traders from all over Rajasthan.

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Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival - Barbados

19th & 20th November, 2010
As the name itself suggests, this is a festival that celebrates the best rums and beers that the Caribbean has to offer. Whether novice or connoisseur, you’ll have a wide choice of over 100 different local rums and beer beverages from the region. Once you’re done sampling the beverages, you can understand your brew better with master classes from leading rum experts, distillers and brewers. Or for the more laid back, you can continue your love affair with your favourite brew on board the Booze Cruise. If that’s not enough, there are live dances and cultural performances throughout the festival and to end it on a suitable high, make your way to the silent headphone disco party – where you dance the night away to music only you can hear.

Thanksgiving - across USA

25th November, 2010
Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every November, Thanksgiving is a day to express gratitude, appreciation to God, family and friends. While it has moved away from its original religious roots, Thanksgiving is still one of the most celebrated festivals in the USA and now associated with turkey dinners, stuffing and pumpkin pies. While traditions are different in different states and families, the essence of coming together to spend quality time with family and friends still lies at the heart of this festival.

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Santa Claus World Championship, Sanuan, Switzerland

26th November, 2010
From exotic to offbeat, here’s a championship with a difference. Every November, Santa Clauses from around the world arrive at Samnuan to choose the best Santa amongst them. So what can you expect? An overdose of Santa-related activities. From chimney climbing competitions to reindeer races, gift giving talents to the loveliest snow pictures, this ‘championship’ promises fun in the snow for the entire family.

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Ultraman, Hawaii

26th – 28th November, 2010
This is for the tough guys. The Ultraman World Championships test the limit of human endurance. Covering a total distance of 320 miles (515 kilometers), on the big island of Hawaii, each participant needs to complete a 6.2 mile open ocean swim, a 261.4 mile cross-country bike ride, and a 52.4 mile ultra-marathon run.

Japan Cup – Tokyo, Japan

28th November, 2010
One of the biggest events on the racing calendar, the Japan Cup is a must for equestrian lovers with an appetite for big bets. With prize money going up to EUR 2,272,000, it’s the place to be if you’re looking for a date with Lady Luck.

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