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France, I love you, I'm leaving

04 May, 2010 17:05  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Livre: France, je t’aime, je te quitte - Christian RoudeauJournalist (France Inter) based in London, Christian Roudeau has just published "France, je t’aime, je te quitte" (France, I love you, I'm leaving - Fayard edition), which deals with opinion of expatriates on France: a "virtual country" made of 2.5 million people and still growing.

There are 2 parts in the book: who are the French expatriates and what do they say about France. Profiles have evolved a lot and we are no longer talking (only) about the rich business man voting conservative. All categories are represented and while, before 2007, the vast majority of French expats voted for the candidate of the French conservative party, the last election showed the same trend as the global result.

He compares expatriates in countries with similar economic development to France: USA, UK, Germany... etc. He interviewed a lot of people (some celebrities too) and talks about expatriates who left to avoid discrimination based on race, ethnicity but also where they lived or their degrees; expats in English countries, especially London, who have seen the advantages of flexibility in business; those who criticise the weight of authority inside French companies...

But on the other hand French expatriates praise public services and the health system and say to those who stay: learn to appreciate the good French way of life too!



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