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Community: new forums for EasyExpat

24 March, 2010 08:53  EasyExpat EasyExpat

We are proud to present the new community on EasyExpat.

Users will be able to see a complete new presentation and enjoy loads of new features.

1- New structure

For each destination in the world we have now a forum.

In some forums, you will also find sub-forums, for immigration issues and discussion on some specific cities (i.e. London, New York City, San Francisco, Hong Kong...etc).

  Forum EasyExpat 1 Forum EasyExpat 2

[Click on the images to see them bigger]

In addition you will find the usual general forums:

  • Departure: You plan to go abroad or you're leaving? You can put here all your general questions or answers about customs, transfer, move, tax back...
  • Moving Back / Repatriation: Global discussions about repatriation related topics and issues, moving back home again.
  • Open Bar: General chat. This forum is dedicated for subjects not covered in the forums above. However, please keep it sensible... ;-)
  • Announcements: Forum open to general announcements and events about expatriation, meetings and seminars organised for the expatriate community. This is a read only forum and each announcement must be sent beforehand to the administrator of the forum before publishing.
  • Travel: Tourism, travel insurance, flights, train tickets, cruise, hotels, guides...: Easy Expat Travel provides a range of services and choice of companies to organise your holidays. You can discuss the different offers, the service, your feedback, give advice here.
  • The EasyExpat website: Forum to discuss problems encountered on this site, announce new products, to propose amendments or additions of new studies or tools.
  • BlogExpat | expat blogs: Discussions about expat blogs and the Blog Expat website.

All the forums are multi-languages. You can post in any language (although I would advise that you restrict to the most common, in order to get more readers, and possibly to the language of the country or the community you are addressing).

Also, all users should have read the rules to respect on the forums. Especially:

  1. If your message is related to accommodation offers or searches, DO NOT USE the forums but instead go to the small ad section. Same things for jobs: use the job listing section.
  2. Please do not post volunteer programs, in the forums. We have nothing against those offers, but there is a specific space dedicated in the Job offers/Voluntary jobs.
  3. Do not advertise for your site, your services or your products, or a friend's website : your topic and your account would be removed without warning and you could be banned from accessing the forum in the future. You can submit your website in the directory if it is related to expatriation (a link exchange is mandatory). If you wish to advertise on Easy Expat, you will find our advertising conditions and prices here.

Failing to respect the rules might result into immediate banning / all posts and account deleted without warning.

2- New features

New information: More details are available about users, including their nationality, their country of location (optionally the city where they live) and the languages they speak.

Friends/Foes: You have the possibility to had some users as friends friends (or foes foes) to follow them specifically and allow for specific actions. The list of friends is shown on your profile. Posts made by foes will be hidden.

Wall: you have now a wall in your profile were the community can leave short notes. Of course you have the possibility to allow everyone to view/comment or to restrict to the list of your friends only (or to disable the feature completely).

Status: You can use the status tool and describe in a few words what you are doing to the Community. It will be displayed below your name in your posts.

Avatar/Profile picture: You can add an image to your profile (see your User Control Panel). You can either enter the URL of the location containing the avatar image you wish to link to, upload your own picture (max size 150x150) or choose one of the picture in our galleries.

Bookmark: In addition to EasyExpat's bookmark tool Bookmarkwhere you can bookmark any page of the website (and access it in MyExpat), you can also specifically store forum topics in your profile using the bookmark tool Bookmark (icon at the bottom of the forum/topic/page).

Report abuse: On each post you will see an icon to report an abuse Report post. It will display a form to report the selected post to the forum moderators and board administrators. Reporting should generally be used only if the post breaks forum rules. Moderators will also be able to warn user who will be temporarily banned after several warnings.

Manage subscription: In addition to automatically being notified by email when a reply is posted in a topic you wrote in, you are now able to subscribe to a forum Subscribe forum to receive notifications when new topics/posts are made (icon at the bottom of the forum/topic/page). You can manage your subscriptions in your User Control Panel.

Drafts: When you create a new topic you will be able to save it as a draft before to post it. You can then decide to post/amend/delete the message in your User Control Panel.

Mail or print topics: You have the possibility to email or print topics print icon with a simple click on the icons at the top of the topics.


We hope you will enjoy the discussions on EasyExpat and will have great pleasure to participate to our vibrant community of expatriates :-)



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