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Tips to make your Christmas party a hit

18 December, 2009 11:23  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Whether an intimate family gathering or one where the paparazzi is in waiting, a Christmas party can involve loads of planning. Here are some tips to plan a fantastic Christmas party.

1.    Start early:

It’s the busiest time of the year and everyone’s got some place to be. The earlier you plan your party, make a guest list and get onto people’s calendar, the more time you have to organize things accordingly.

2.    Decide on the budget:

Plan your budget and always allow for a 10 percent extra for last minute things that pop up. Once you have a budget in mind, you’ll be able to decide on a lot of other things… like are you going to cook or cater, is your friend spinning the music or are you getting a professional DJ to do that etc

3.    It’s all about the food:

The menu is important. Are you going for an informal Christmas party where alcohol is more important than food? Or are you aiming for something more formal? Catering or cooking? Remember, caterers are booked out well in advance at this time of the year, so once again… book in advance. And for expats missing home... use the party to infuse a touch of home. Whether it's chicken tikka masala if you're Indian  (or British) or a tapas styled menu if you're Spanish, adding a local touch will spice up your Christmas party. 

4.    Make sure there are non alcoholic drinks:

Be responsible. Make sure there are sufficient non- alcoholic drinks available for those who aren’t drinking. Also keep taxi numbers ready for those who’ve had one too many.

5.    Decorate:

Music, food and company get people in the Christmas spirit. Make sure the decorations are fun, music is good, the Christmas tree is well lit and the mistletoes are up. Also, a little goodie , especially  a token from your home country, will make a great gift for others to remember your and your party by. 

6.    Plan some entertainment:

Keep the kids entertained and the parents will have a good time. Organising some colour pencils and sketch books or carol singing for the kids will be a great way to keep them occupied. If there are any particular local Christmas traditions you follow, make sure you share them with your guests. It will make your party that much more special.

7.    Feel good, do good:

You can add to the spirit of giving by adding a few extra touches. Like asking your guests to ‘pay’ for their admission with a toy or a blanket or socks. Set up a basket near the door where guests can place their gift and you can drop it off at a shelter for the homeless or needy. If you'd like to do something for an organisation back home, set up a donation box and tell your guests who and what you'd like them to contribute to and make sure you send them an update after the party with a link to the organisation they have contributed to.

8.    Enjoy:

Sometimes, people get so caught up in organising the perfect party and making sure everyone else is having fun, they forget to do so themselves. At the end of the day, it’s a party and it’s Christmas… so relax and enjoy the good times with your loved ones.


Sidd Lobo
Freelance writer


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