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The most popular destinations for French expatriates

23 November, 2009 09:19  EasyExpat EasyExpat

According to an article published in the French newspaper Les Echos, China is the most popular destination for French expats.

Top Destinations for French Expatriates

Rank Country Number of expats in thousands Share (%)
1st China 252 9.9
2nd Japan 223 8.8
3rd Canada 210 8.3
4th USA 175 6.9
5th UK 158 6.2
6th Turkey 133 5.2
7th Spain 94 3.7
8th Germany 86 3.4

There are 2.5 million French living abroad (1.4m officially) with 32% in Western Europ, 25% in Asia and Oceania, and 21% in North America. 13% of French expatriates have got university grades (licence level or more) and 79% have more than the Baccalaureat. The growth of the expat population is 3.6% per year. 23% of them earn more than €60k per year and 31% are between €30k and €60k.

The crisis and the expats

Since the beginning of the financial crisis, French expats have deserted London to repartiate in France. Same things from Russia where most of the French companies (especially in the property business) have decided to restrain their activity. Some bank, such as Société Générale or BNP-Paribas have relocated their activity in Asia from Tokyo to Hong Kong, where life is less expensive.

The crisis has also affected the French Lycées abroad. Although New York, madrid or London are always "over-subscribed", Australia, Singapore or Moscow have seen their number of students shrink (30% less in Russia).


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